Is a tantric massage different for men and women? Find out with London Tantric.

Tantric massage has an array of spiritual, physical and mental benefits, from removing stress to enhancing orgasms. Receiving a massage is an exhilarating, pleasure-filled experience, but giving a massage also has its perks. So what is tantric massage like for men and women? 

What Is Tantric Massage Like for Men and Women?

The tantric massage experience differs depending on who’s giving or receiving the massage. While there are some obvious benefits to receiving a massage from a talented masseuse, there’s a lot to be gained from giving a massage too.

It’s important to note that Tantra knows no gender; energies are transferred from person to person, regardless of gender. For the purposes of this blog post, we’ll be addressing “women” as the givers of tantric massage and “men” as the receivers since we are a women-only agency. These roles can be swapped fairly interchangeably, but we’ll also focus on some kinky specifics from the experiences of London Tantric’s marvellous ladies to give you an insight into what a massage is like for men and women.

Tantric Massage for Women

As any gentleman knows, it’s always “ladies first”. With nearly a decade of experience providing authentic tantric massages to thousands of clients, our beautiful masseuses know a thing or two about the massage experience. 

- A Sense of Empowerment — Giving a tantric massage is highly sensual and exciting but requires self-confidence. Looking and feeling their absolute best, our ladies genuinely enjoy providing euphoric pleasures and always comment on the sense of empowerment that accompanies exploring their sensuality. This feeling emboldens our talented tantricas in a way that no other experience can.

- Taking Pleasure in Giving Pleasure — It feels fantastic to give someone mind-blowing pleasure. It’s well-known that giving feels better than receiving, and the old adage applies to tantric massage, too. Our girls love nothing more than spoiling our clients, allowing them to bask in a serene and sensual environment, relieving their stress and soothing every inch of their bodies.

- Exploring Sensuality — All of our luxurious ladies have unique specialities, from the incredible poise and balance needed to perform an unforgettable Nuru massage, to the seductive charm necessary to provide the ultimate erotic relaxation of a sensual massage.

- Keeping Fit — Giving a massage is a full-body workout. Masseuses require a high fitness level to give clients the best experience possible every single time. Each of our tantricas is physically active, supple and eager to please, guaranteeing a spell-binding tantric massage no matter when you choose to book or who you select as your masseuse.

Tantric Massage for Men

Receiving a tantric massage can be overwhelmingly pleasurable. In the soft, caring hands of a gorgeous masseuse, your worries melt away as you’re transported to a new dimension of pure bliss. 

- The Ultimate Sensual Relaxation — Indulging in rapturous relaxation after a hard day can help you reconnect with yourself. This can improve your focus and boost mental clarity, allowing you to work harder, make better decisions and ultimately help you on your journey to success.

- A Relief from Tension — Aching muscles and stiff joints can be the result of too much stress. If you don’t make time to relax properly, your overall health can be affected. Many of our clients find that booking an authentic tantric massage is the ideal way to ensure that relaxation is built into their calendars along with their other important commitments.

- Balance Your Sexual Energies — A tantric massage in a safe, non-judgmental environment can help you express your sexuality healthily. It can help you take pleasure in touch without shame, giving you an opportunity to live out your fantasies and enjoy being pampered by our girls.

- A Deep Sense of Connection — Connecting with oneself is just as important as connecting with others. Our gorgeous ladies are fully committed to providing the best experience possible, and as such, our clients often visit the same tantrica or tantricas multiple times, establishing a unique bond that enhances the chemistry between them over time.

Why Not Experience a Tantric Massage for Yourself?

With in-call and out-call massages available throughout London, you can experience a tantric massage tonight and discover the awe-inspiring beauty of our tantricas for yourself. Give yourself the chance to unwind, reconnect with yourself and enjoy a sensual encounter you’ll want to relive again and again.

Book a tantric massage in London today and enjoy the blissful and erotic relaxation like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.