An aqua massage is performed naked in the shower or bath and is a sensual cleansing ritual that can begin your tantric experience in the most erotic way possible. Your masseuse will create a gentle, soapy lather and will massage your entire body, leaving you feeling refreshed, invigorated and pleasantly aroused. Book this massage after a hard day's work or while travelling in London to help you leave your stress behind. 

What Happens During an Aqua Massage?

The aqua massage is one of our most popular massages. Your pulse will race as you watch your tantrica’s glistening curves in the warm, soapy water in anticipation of the deeply sensual experiences to follow. 

Our gorgeous tantricas will use perfectly practised massage strokes, and her perfect feminine curves will begin the session by pampering you from head to toe. This can be performed in a warm, steamy shower or whilst luxuriating in the bubbles of a shared bathing experience — the choice is yours. 

This form of massage is a fantastic way to intimately connect with your chosen tantrica. The warm, soapy water will give your body an additional sensory experience to induce relaxation while your masseuse softly tends to every inch of your body. Using only the finest quality bathing oils, you’ll feel pampered and replenished with an aqua massage from London Tantric.

Get the Best Aqua Massage in London

The majority of London Tantric ladies offer this sensational form of massage therapy, both as an in-call and out-call service — wherever you feel most comfortable. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting your next aqua massage experience or you’re excited to book your first massage with London Tantric, our friendly and discreet reception team are on hand to answer all of your questions. 

Feel free to ask us for recommendations on local hotels to book for an in-call experience. We can also recommend which of our astonishing tantricas will be perfect for you. Our luxury out-call locations are also perfect for an aqua massage, giving you all the options to enjoy our services. 

Booking an Aqua Massage in London

We want you to have an experience that you’ll want to relive over and over again, so when you book, simply inform us of whether you prefer a sexy shower or a relaxing bath with your masseuse. We will then tailor the experience to your desires, helping you get the maximum pleasure from your tantric experience.

You can add an aqua massage to any of our other massage therapies. Sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes, allowing you to have a truly indulgent experience. Each session is charged at the masseuse's rate plus £50. 

Experience a warm, soapy pleasure that’ll leave you revitalised and completely satisfied. Get in touch with our friendly and discreet reception team and book an aqua massage today.

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