Everybody knows that traditional massage makes you feel relaxed, but what about the health benefits of erotic massage? 

The benefits of erotic massage (or “sensual massage”) extend far beyond what can be achieved with traditional techniques and are far longer lasting.

There are many ways in which an erotic massage can heal your body and mind. We’ve compiled a list of the most prevalent health benefits of massage — mental and physical.

Health Benefits of Massage

1. Increase Libido

If you have felt that your sexual drive has stagnated, an erotic massage will help you rediscover your natural desires. Low libido is common amongst hardworking professionals that have exhausting schedules, so it is important to address any potential issues you may be facing regarding your sex life.

A professional masseuse will work with you to heighten your senses, using their hands and bodies to arouse feelings of sexual excitement. This can reawaken your once dormant feelings and make you feel sexually liberated, long after the session has finished.

2. Feel Fulfilled

What are your fantasies? Often, we don’t actually know. It’s easy to lose touch with what we want in life if we don’t address our innermost feelings. Even when we know exactly what we want, it can be difficult to express these feelings without judgement.

An erotic massage creates a safe and nurturing environment to live out your innermost desires in the hands of an experienced masseuse. They will recognise exactly what you want and how you want it, allowing you to freely explore your deepest desires, invoking feelings of ecstasy and pure elation. 

3. Improve Self-Esteem and Confidence

Often we are confident in some areas of our lives, but not so confident in others. It can be hard to let go of feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty, especially if they keep you inside your comfort zone. 

When you enter an erotic massage, the masseuse will immediately make you feel at ease. Together, you will build a bond and share in a highly intimate experience, gently taking you outside of your comfort zone in a safe and controlled environment, without the fear of judgement.

4. Increase Compassion

Interactions with others can often feel fleeting and impersonal. Emails, text messages and even phone calls can feel like we’re not really “there” with the other person. If you are feeling a little disconnected, an erotic massage will let you reconnect with someone on a physical and emotional level.

Connecting in such a way will mean you can access more intense feelings of pleasure. As you tap into your conscious and subconscious psyche, you will be able to achieve a sense of oneness and bliss. 

5. Reconnect with Yourself

At other times, we just need a little space. Modern life is full of distractions and things that detract from what you really want. Self-care is becoming a highly popular practice, as more and more people recognise the long-term health benefits of planning activities purely to take care of their own mental and physical needs.

Taking as little as an hour out of your day for a massage that will benefit your health is a perfect way to achieve a new sense of enlightenment and lucidity. An erotic massage can help you re-engage with your inner thoughts and feelings, as well as work wonders on your body — especially if you have built up a lot of tension.

6. Improve Relationship with Intimacy 

It might be the case that you haven’t had many sexual encounters. This can make things difficult when looking for a partner, as feelings of nervousness can shroud any potential future experiences, detracting from special moments where we should be fully present.

Masseuses can help remove any hesitancy you may have towards intimate situations with their knowledgeable and caring hands. An erotic massage can help you get used to more intimate settings, boosting your confidence when entering romantic situations in future.

7. Improve Sexual Stamina 

If you are sexually experienced, erotic massages can help you build up your endurance in the bedroom. Masseuses are experts in building tension and keeping you there. In turn, this will help you understand your orgasm — whether you struggle to reach orgasm or you are reaching climax too quickly.

Erotic massages work on the whole body. Masseuses will guide you through all of the different ways that touch can be used to induce feelings of pleasure. This can boost your sexual performance by allowing you to gain a better understanding of your body and the sensations that lead you to the point of orgasm.

With this new-found understanding of your body, an erotic massage will not only benefit you but also your partner (and any future partners).

8. Relief from Pain

Pain can take many forms. An erotic massage encompasses all of the benefits of traditional approaches to help ease physical pain (aches, strains and muscle tension), whilst the more adventurous aspects of the massage can help alleviate mental pressures (stress, anxiety and feeling low):

a. Physical Health Benefits

Our masseuses can identify where pressure has built up in the body. They are trained in anatomy and will know exactly what to do to help relieve your tension. Tight and aching muscles can be eased with conventional massaging techniques, which will take away the pain. With repeat visits, your body will become more supple and flexible, as well as becoming more resilient to pulled muscles and strains. 

b. Mental Health Benefits

Worry, stress, anxiety...these feelings are commonplace in modern-day life. It’s very important to ensure you are aware of these feelings and have ways of dealing with their effects. 

An erotic massage can take you far away from your everyday life in minutes. A professional masseuse can leave you feeling calm and relaxed but also with a renewed sense of confidence and vigour. That’s what is so special about an erotic massage when compared to a more conventional approach.

9. Increase Circulation

As with a traditional sports massage, masseuses will apply pressure to the skin, kneading the muscles beneath to release tension. This also has a secondary effect, besides the more obvious muscle relaxation. The technique also allows more blood to flow to the soft tissues and aids in the regeneration of muscle fibres.

Rubbing, kneading and stroking different areas will increase blood flow throughout your body, improving your circulation from your head to your toes. As oxygen-rich blood becomes more readily available to the muscles and any tension is taken away, you will feel a lot more confident in your own body.

10. Improve Skin

As mentioned, increased blood flow will lead to higher rates of tissue regeneration. This also applies to the skin.

Pores can easily become blocked, and over time, areas of your skin can become dry and uncomfortable. A masseuse will gently rub your skin, usually with specific oils, aiding the rejuvenation of the body's biggest organ.

The skin-on-skin contact also provides an exfoliant effect, removing a layer of dead skin cells that will rapidly be replaced by new, healthy cells. Not only will you feel younger after an erotic massage, but you may also find yourself looking younger.

11. Restore Energy 

Feeling lethargic can mean you don’t get around to doing the important things in life, particularly those things that require higher levels of effort and concentration. Another major health benefit of massage is that it can restore your physical and sexual energy, reinvigorating your body and senses, reminding you of what it felt like to have a boundless appetite for life.

The effects aren’t confined to the short-term, either. You may find that you are sleeping better, having experienced something that takes you out of your usual headspace, stimulates your body and heightens your sexual awareness.

12. Regulate Hormones 

Much like exercise, which has been proven to alter the chemicals released by your brain, there is evidence to suggest that massage releases endorphins (natural chemicals released by the brain that make you feel pleasure). Having massages regularly can help regulate your mood by lowering levels of “stress” hormones like cortisol. You might find yourself with a new outlook after visiting a masseuse, another long-lasting effect of erotic massage on your mental wellbeing.


Getting an erotic massage is a great way to reinvigorate your senses and make a real connection with someone. Even with a busy schedule, as little as one hour away from your everyday life can make you feel like you can take on the world. With so many psychological and physiological benefits — from an increased libido to improved circulation — an erotic massage will give you a lust for life.

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