Get rid of the day-to-day stress and enjoy a rejuvenating and relaxing therapy. This full-body sensual service blends the exciting allure of a body-to-body massage with slow, soothing strokes designed to relax your body thoroughly. Our trained massage therapists will work to release any muscle tension you may be carrying while replenishing your sensual energies.

This therapeutic massage is full of erotic pleasure, helping you to enjoy a mind-blowing experience with all the benefits that a conventional massage can give you. Given in a sensual, erotic setting, this massage is a perfect way to experience your first adult massage before advancing to more intimate services like the Nuru massage. We assure you that you will feel relieved and with renewed energies after this Sensual Massage.

What Is A Sensual Massage?

A sensual massage is a relaxing therapy; it is an experience that allows you to fall completely into a trance that relieves physical strain and recharges your sensual energies. This seductive massage is full of erotic delight, and it is performed in a sensuous, erotic setting. 

What Happens During a Sensual Massage?

Your chosen masseuse will use her intuition to lead you on a tantalising journey that will tease, awaken, and revitalise your senses.

Your masseuse will begin an erotic massage with a sequence of seductive massage strokes. This extremely sensual massage employs energy and chakras to transport the receiver to a new state of consciousness. Achieving this mental state allows you to dissolve all physical boundaries and focus on sensual pleasure at a higher, spiritual level.

Depending on your preferences and the length of the session, your masseuse may break down the whole process for you. From what is a sensual massage to what happens in a sensual massage. 

We will suggest to start the massage with some breathwork. Synchronised breathing allows you to form an intimate bond with your masseuse and transition into a slower, calmer headspace. This part of the massage is mental, while the rest of the session is physical, allowing you to release muscular tension and focus on the intense benefits of this massage. 

During the massage, your masseuse will massage you from head to toe while also incorporating specialised techniques –– all with the use of luxurious, high-quality massage oils that make the connection between your body and her body seamless. 

You’re likely to experience excitement and arousal as you feel the masseuse’s beautiful body against yours, and all the exciting sensations this rouses. The balance of relaxation and desire heightens your senses that much more, allowing you to get the most from your sensual massage session.

Where Can I Get A Sensual Massage in London?

London Tantric sensual massages can be booked on an incall or an outcall basis, so you can feel the benefits of a sensual massage anywhere in the city. 

The massages take place in your chosen masseuse’s luxurious home, where you’ll step into a relaxing escape complete with soft lighting and gentle music. These incalls make for an immersive experience in a beautiful London residence that is prepared ahead of your session. London Tantric's trained massage therapists reside in affluent districts such as Kensington, Mayfair, Park Lane and Chelsea

Outcall massages can be arranged in your London residence or a hotel. This type of booking is discreet and private, with masseuses arriving punctually at your chosen address. Most of our masseuses are available for outcalls across central London, making it easy for you to book a sensual massage on your terms. 

Outcall experiences are made special with massage oils, candles and music that a masseuse can arrange upon her arrival. In this scenario, your private space transforms into a sensual sanctuary, ready for a period of well-deserved relaxation. 

Book a sensual massage session with a masseuse of your choice –– no matter where your location is in London.

Sensual massage rates are displayed in the “Rates” section of each masseuse’s profile. 

There are no additional charges for this therapy.

If you are interested in other types of massage, do not hesitate to visit our Four Hands Massage page.

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