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An Unparalleled Portfolio of Exclusive Masseuses

An Unparalleled Portfolio of Exclusive Masseuses

As the original and most trusted elite tantric massage agency in London, we take pride in offering an unparalleled portfolio of exclusive masseuses. 

Our highly skilled and carefully selected masseuses are available solely through London Tantric, ensuring a level of discretion, professionalism, and expertise that sets us apart. 

With years of experience in providing exceptional tantric experiences, we have earned a reputation as the go-to destination for those seeking authentic and transformative tantric journeys in the heart of the city. 

Choose London Tantric for an intimate, bespoke experience tailored to guide you towards sensual enlightenment and holistic well-being.

The Gold Standard in Tantric Massage

The Gold Standard in Tantric Massage

Our exclusive team of rigorously trained, authentic tantric practitioners is testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Each of our masseuses is meticulously selected for her expertise, intuition, and dedication to the art of sacred sensuality. 

Through our longstanding insistence on the highest standards of professionalism, skill and discretion, we have cultivated an unrivalled collective of London's most sought-after tantric specialists.

When you book with London Tantric, you can trust that you are choosing an agency with an impeccable reputation for providing genuine, transformative experiences that honour the ancient traditions of tantra whilst catering to the modern seeker of blissful sensual awakening.

The Trusted Name in Tantric Massage: London's Premier Agency Since 2012

The Trusted Name in Tantric Massage: London's Premier Agency Since 2012

As we celebrate our 12th year catering to London's most discerning tantric massage clientele, London Tantric takes pride in being the trailblazer that laid the foundation for the city's thriving tantra scene. 

Our pioneering spirit has inspired many agencies to follow our lead, but none can match the unparalleled reputation for excellence we've nurtured over the years.

As London's foremost provider of high-end tantric experiences, our renown extends far beyond the city limits. International clients seeking the epitome of skilled bodywork and spiritual sensuality turn to us, trusting in our ability to craft profound experiences that redefine sensual awakening. 

Through our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality, discretion, and authentic tantric practice, London Tantric remains the premier choice for elite seekers of blissful transcendence.

London Tantric's Ethos is Authenticity

London's original, most trusted elite tantric agency

Owned and managed by accredited practitioners in massage, stress management and Tantra

Luxurious and conveniently located private in-call locations

Out-call availability across London and Greater London

London's widest variety of friendly, talented, elite masseuses

Genuine photos and masseuse profiles

Discreet, trustworthy and professional team

Ongoing training for our masseuses from the UK's most respected tantric experts

Latest Reviews


25th Jun, 2024
Serena was amazing. Absolutely loved my time with her, she is a 10/10 and I would happily have time with her again. She is beautiful, lovely personality and an amazing body too.
~ Matty


21st Jun, 2024
Lala (as in Eric Clapton's love song to George Harrison's wife, not the Ryan Gosling musical) turned out to be a very sweet girl (I'm so old, any lady under 30 is a 'girl'!) who treated me to a slow, gentle, sensual massage that incorporated a bit of firm pressure, some tantric elements, as well as some naughty surprises. Pics are photoshopped, as usual (not her fault), but they are pretty much her. Gorgeous face, at least to my eye, and looked lovely in her black diamanté-edged bra and thong, and even more lovely when she slipped out of them to fully reveal her slim, caramel-coloured body! Outwardly serene, but with a cheeky personality, she clearly enjoyed making me gasp with pleasure as she suddenly teased and tantalised one or other of my erogenous zones. So, if you've had a busy week or a hard day and fancy a relaxed, slow, gentle, tantric-style massage with a lovely lady to relax you down, then Lala's the girl for you. Thanks, Lala, that was the perfect start to my weekend :D xx
~ Jeff


11th Jun, 2024
Valentina, the embodiment of celestial delight, mesmerizes with her enchanting touch. From the moment you step into her intimate sanctuary, the world fades away, and euphoria takes its place. Her hands, guided by intuition, weave a tapestry of sensation, unraveling knots of tension and igniting flames of ecstasy. With each stroke, she paints a portrait of bliss upon your soul, leaving you breathless in her wake. Valentina’s divine presence is a symphony of pleasure, a melody that resonates long after the session ends. Surrender to her magic and discover a realm where stress is but a distant memory, and joy reigns.
~ Narshima


17th Jun, 2024

She deserves 5 stars! I felt like I was in heaven. I had to close my eyes and open them a few times just to make sure she was real. The pressure, timeliness, and cleanliness all deserve 5 stars.

~ B


3rd Jun, 2024

What can I say... Kim is sublime! From the off she settled any nerves with an initial chat, sitting down on the sofa where the mere outline of her hourglass figure tantalised my soul for what was to come. And then it was on to the good stuff. At every point she checked I was OK, with refreshments aplenty. She definitely does not clock-watch, and her excellent reviews on this platform are a testament to her craft. Kim is clearly experienced in the sensual arts - she had the perfect techniques to send me to seventh heaven. My highlight was the surprise sensations she could elicit from me from a tickle alone! Her unique combination of oils married perfectly with her soft skin on my body - it was an experience not to be missed! Ultimately what made her stand out was her caring nature, even stopping at points to show her personality matches her body with a connection on more than an intimate level (we hit it off with out love for food). Speaking of her body, she does not disappoint - her pictures definitely are accurate! She whispered to me she likes to do things differently - boy did the ending deliver! I left feeling nirvana and knowing this woman deserves repeat visits. What are you waiting for - book her now! Deslumbrante!

~ Ivar


22nd May, 2024

Unreal, Rafaella's touch, technique and passion, just wow! Thank you

~ Dave


26th May, 2024

Rafaella is spectacular! And a beautiful charming young woman 

~ James


24th May, 2024

‘The ayes have it!’ No, not a UK parliament ‘Yes’ vote. Nor is it ‘The Eyes Have It’ novel by Philip K. Dick, nor the short stories, nor the films or Disney cartoon of the same name! No – it’s Kim – she’s the one who I say ‘The eyes have it’! They are the very personification of ‘limpid pools’ where you feel like you may drown in them or that they might gaze into your very soul. And she uses them to devastating effect as she maintained full, smouldering eye contact with me virtually throughout the whole session – she knows EXACTLY what’s she doing, the naughty minx! And then, of course, there’s her gorgeous face with luscious lips and hair, her toned, caramel-coloured body, the incredible boobs that are exactly the ones in her LT profile pics, and the supremely skilled, tantalising, teasing, sexy-sensual and erotic massage that had real passion and ‘connection’. Couldn’t recommend Kim more highly, obviously! Huge thanks, Kim, for a fantastic session, and to Sara for this superb recommendation – a very satisfied Jeff xx PS: guys – when you go to see Kim, be careful of the door bar as you cross the threshold into Kim’s apartment – it’s a real trip hazard, lol!

~ Jeff


7th May, 2024

As always , a wonderful experience!

~ Phelim


1st May, 2023

Helena was extremely kind in accommodating my tardiness. Had an amazing session with her. Congrats for having great professionals.

~ G
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