Everything you need to know about the sensual art of Nuru massage

What exactly is Nuru massage? In its simplest form, Nuru is an ancient Japanese full-body erotic massage technique that uses a special odourless, colourless gel made from seaweed. The word "nuru" comes from the Japanese word for "slippery." The gel allows for sensual full-body-to-body contact between you and your masseuse, as your nude bodies glide and slide against each other.

Origins of Nuru Massage

While the exact origins of Nuru are unknown, it is believed to have evolved from older Japanese massage practices called Shiatsu and Soapland massage. Nuru as we know it today emerged in the Kawasaki region of Japan in the late 20th century. The slippery seaweed gel was introduced to create a unique full-body sensation and deep relaxation.

Nuru later spread to massage parlours and spas in other parts of Asia, and over time, became popular in London and other major Western cities as interest in tantra and sensual massage grew.

What to Expect from a Nuru Massage Session

A typical Nuru massage session begins with your masseuse preparing the gel mixture, usually by heating Nuru powder or concentrated gel and mixing it with water. This creates a thick, slick, full-body lubricant.

You will typically start face down as your masseuse covers your back in the warm gel using her hands and body. She will use long, gliding strokes, body slides, and specific massage techniques to relax your muscles. 

You then turn over to lay face up for the front-body massage. Your masseuse covers herself in Nuru gel and slides her body against yours, gliding from your legs up to your chest in a slow, sensual manner. She will grind, slide and rub her entire front torso and legs against you in a highly arousing body-to-body contact, working her way up and down.

Nude torso covered in gel during Nuru massageSome key Nuru massage techniques include:

  • Body Glides: Your masseuse slides her front torso up and down against your body in smooth, sensual, gliding motions.
  • Body Sliding: Chest-to-chest sliding motions where your masseuse uses her upper body weight and pressure.
  • Genital Massage: Gentle massage and stimulation of your genital area using your masseuse's hands, thighs, breasts and other body parts.

The combination of the silky seaweed gel, skin-to-skin contact, and sensual massage techniques leads to a highly pleasurable, deeply relaxing experience, concluding with an exquisite release of tension. Sessions typically last 60-90 minutes, but can be extended or combined with other massages for an even more luxurious experience.

About the Nuru Gel

For an authentic Nuru massage experience, a proper Nuru seaweed gel is essential. Authentic Nuru gel is odourless and colourless, with a slick, slippery texture that allows bodies to glide effortlessly against each other.

The gel is made from high-quality seaweed extract that hydrates and nourishes the skin. It should be non-staining, hypoallergenic, and free from artificial fragrances or colours. The thick gel is mixed with water to create the ideal consistency for a Nuru full-body massage.

Benefits of Nuru Massage

The unique full-body contact of a Nuru massage provides several physical and mental benefits:

  • Deep Relaxation: The slippery, skin-to-skin bodywork helps relax tense muscles, reduces stress, and promotes a profound sense of calm and wellbeing.
  • Heightened Sensations: Nuru gel enhances tactile sensations, making every touch feel electric and pleasurable across your whole body. The slick gliding motions feel novel and deeply erotic.
  • Increased Body Awareness: The full-body contact heightens your awareness of physical sensations and gets you out of your head and into your body. It cultivates a deep sense of presence.
  • Improved Intimacy: The vulnerability and closeness of Nuru massage deepens intimacy and connection between you and your masseuse. It's a bonding experience.
  • Boosted Mood: The skin-to-skin contact releases feel-good endorphins and mood-boosting hormones like oxytocin and dopamine. You'll leave the session feeling blissful and euphoric.

Experience Authentic Nuru Massage in London

Nuru massage offers a uniquely erotic and pampering experience, with its slippery seaweed gel and intimate full-body contact. The sliding, gliding motions of skin-on-skin bodywork promote deep relaxation, heightened sensations, and a profound sense of sensual connection.

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