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When it comes to tantric massage in London, no one does it better than London Tantric. With an astonishing track record of more than a thousand glowing reviews from satisfied clients, we've undeniably set the gold standard for tantric massage.

While others in the industry struggle to keep up, our skilled masseuses, luxurious locations, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction have earned us a reputation that's simply unmatched.


25th Jun, 2024
Serena was amazing. Absolutely loved my time with her, she is a 10/10 and I would happily have time with her again. She is beautiful, lovely personality and an amazing body too.
~ Matty


21st Jun, 2024
Lala (as in Eric Clapton's love song to George Harrison's wife, not the Ryan Gosling musical) turned out to be a very sweet girl (I'm so old, any lady under 30 is a 'girl'!) who treated me to a slow, gentle, sensual massage that incorporated a bit of firm pressure, some tantric elements, as well as some naughty surprises. Pics are photoshopped, as usual (not her fault), but they are pretty much her. Gorgeous face, at least to my eye, and looked lovely in her black diamanté-edged bra and thong, and even more lovely when she slipped out of them to fully reveal her slim, caramel-coloured body! Outwardly serene, but with a cheeky personality, she clearly enjoyed making me gasp with pleasure as she suddenly teased and tantalised one or other of my erogenous zones. So, if you've had a busy week or a hard day and fancy a relaxed, slow, gentle, tantric-style massage with a lovely lady to relax you down, then Lala's the girl for you. Thanks, Lala, that was the perfect start to my weekend :D xx
~ Jeff


17th Jun, 2024

She deserves 5 stars! I felt like I was in heaven. I had to close my eyes and open them a few times just to make sure she was real. The pressure, timeliness, and cleanliness all deserve 5 stars.

~ B


11th Jun, 2024
Valentina, the embodiment of celestial delight, mesmerizes with her enchanting touch. From the moment you step into her intimate sanctuary, the world fades away, and euphoria takes its place. Her hands, guided by intuition, weave a tapestry of sensation, unraveling knots of tension and igniting flames of ecstasy. With each stroke, she paints a portrait of bliss upon your soul, leaving you breathless in her wake. Valentina’s divine presence is a symphony of pleasure, a melody that resonates long after the session ends. Surrender to her magic and discover a realm where stress is but a distant memory, and joy reigns.
~ Narshima


3rd Jun, 2024

What can I say... Kim is sublime! From the off she settled any nerves with an initial chat, sitting down on the sofa where the mere outline of her hourglass figure tantalised my soul for what was to come. And then it was on to the good stuff. At every point she checked I was OK, with refreshments aplenty. She definitely does not clock-watch, and her excellent reviews on this platform are a testament to her craft. Kim is clearly experienced in the sensual arts - she had the perfect techniques to send me to seventh heaven. My highlight was the surprise sensations she could elicit from me from a tickle alone! Her unique combination of oils married perfectly with her soft skin on my body - it was an experience not to be missed! Ultimately what made her stand out was her caring nature, even stopping at points to show her personality matches her body with a connection on more than an intimate level (we hit it off with out love for food). Speaking of her body, she does not disappoint - her pictures definitely are accurate! She whispered to me she likes to do things differently - boy did the ending deliver! I left feeling nirvana and knowing this woman deserves repeat visits. What are you waiting for - book her now! Deslumbrante!

~ Ivar

A Luxurious and Sensual Tantric Experience, Guaranteed

At London Tantric, we’re committed to ensuring that our clients’ wants, needs and desires are always at the heart of what we do. Check out our reviews and find out what our clients think of their experiences with our beautiful masseuses and with us.

At London Tantric, we’ve worked hard to ensure that we’re the most reputable, professional and trustworthy Tantric massage agency in London. We’re constantly striving to deliver the most erotic and sensual massage experiences to our growing client base. Above all, our mission is to ensure that all of our clients have an unforgettable intense and tantalising Tantric experience.

What Makes London Tantric's Massages Different?

We handpick every gorgeous London Tantric masseuse. Not only are our girls the most beautiful in the business but also the most expertly trained in the erotic arts of Tantric and sensual massage. We’re committed to keeping up with every trend and development that emerges in Tantric practices and massage techniques and so provide regular training for our girls to ensure that they’re always a step ahead.

From titillating tantric massage to intoxicating Indian head massage, wet and wild aqua massage to fiendishly-good four hand massage, our team of masseuses offer a wide range of services that cater to every need and desire.

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Discreet Erotic and Sensual Massages

At London Tantric, we know the importance of discretion. Whether you’re one of our regular celebrity clients or a first-timer, ours is a name you can trust with your pleasure.

With us, you can guarantee a truly luxurious and sensual experience — see what our past clients have to say.

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