A Nuru massage is an ancient form of massage, a Japanese type of 'slide massage'. Today, you can receive your very own nuru massage in London with your London Tantric masseuse. If you haven't tried a Nuru yet, then maybe you should; this beautiful form of relaxation has been mastered and perfected by our girls. All they need is a body to perform it on; could that be you? Because our lovely masseuses have well-developed skills and techniques, I doubt you could go anywhere else in London and receive a better Nuru massage. Once you've experienced what our stunning masseuses can do, you'll never want to look elsewhere. Your mind, body and soul will be opened up to a new perception of satisfaction and pleasure.

The perfect fit for your Nuru Massage

Traditionally, as Nuru massages come from a Japanese art, many people will only receive a Nuru massage if it is administered by an Asian woman. This is because of the belief that there are certain skills to this massage that have been passed down, generation through generation. Our masseuses range from a diverse collection of nationalities, and each and everyone is perfect in their own way; why not experience a Nuru massage from a variety of masseuses and see how the massage itself differs from person to person? We assure you that you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Feel a Nuru Massage Like Never Before

You will be able to choose from a selection of oils. These are something that our masseuses may use during a Nuru to enhance the effect of the massage and the feeling during it. Different oils can aid different senses, so please discuss this with your desired Tantric girl. However, if you're more interested in the oils, then you could go for a hot oils massage instead. When you book a nuru massage in London, you're agreeing to experience a unique sensation, one that you won't forget any time soon. Book your nuru massage in London today.

Nuru Massage can be incorporated into any of our other massage sessions and is charged at +£50 on the masseuses' rates shown in the gallery below. 

Monique 1
*BACK* Exclusive *Exceptional Feedback*
Helena Blur 1
BACK *Exclusive*
Suri 6
Exclusive *Exceptional feedback*
Rafaella 6
Lily 7
EXCLUSIVE *Highly Experienced*
Marina 5
Chiara 2
*Top Recommendation*
Amirah 9
Chloe 4
Valentina 1
Emmy 3
*NEW* Experienced Tantrica
Amelia New 1
*New* Gorgeous
Jennifer 2