What is a tantric massage?

Did You Know? Tantra finds its origins in the East, relating to Buddhism and Hinduism. As such, tantric massage is a tried and tested method of sexual healing now adapted as a more contemporary form of therapy. With the help of our most skilful masseuses, we explain what happens in the tantric hot seat. 

Spa-day pamphlets might market massages as stress-relievers, a recipe for relaxation and a chance to escape. Tantric massages, on the other hand, often have the opposite effect. They aim to increase sexual energy, focus on breathwork and allow the receiver to be present and enjoy the full benefits of an erotic tantric massage.

According to the ancient art of tantra, massage should focus on the whole body. In this sense, tantric massage is similar to the art of tantric sex — which has a reputation of lasting for eight hours on some occasions. Tantric massage provides deep relaxation and the opportunity to personalise your massage session. During a conventional consultation, you'll be asked to tick off isolated areas of the body that are off-limits — such as the soles of your feet. Moreover, if you are short on time, a tantric massage can be performed in under an hour, or it can be drawn out to provide a prestigious pampering experience. Despite the duration, the scope of a tantric massage session is much greater than a conventional massage, allowing recipients the chance to experience sexual arousal as well as escapism.

What happens during a tantric massage?

There's nothing seedy about receiving an erotic massage, and much of the prep work mirrors a spa experience. You might be asked to lie face down on a massage bed, similar to if you were receiving an Indian head massage. 

Some masseuses may prefer to perform massage on a floor, cushion or a towel, depending on the setting. You'll find this often feels spiritual and personal, allowing you to form a deeper connection with your masseuse (or masseur) rather than feeling conscious of your own body. 

As for the consultation, this will usually take place during the massage itself. Why? This allows communication to flow freely throughout the entire experience rather than create an atmosphere of anticipation and awkward silence. During the first few minutes of the massage, the conversation will likely steer towards your specific needs and what you expect to gain from the tantric massage session.  
Beginners and experts in tantra will be comfortable with different approaches. Are you comfortable with a stranger performing such an intimate massage? Are you looking for a physical release? Or are you hoping to focus on the tamer elements of sensual massage, such as breathing techniques and essential oils, until you feel more at ease? Fear not; your masseuse will cover this ground before overstepping any boundaries. Lastly, if you are concerned about pain, you'll be pleased to know that oil is an essential part of a tantric massage.

Tantric massage secrets uncovered

Still not sure what happens in a tantric massage? We asked our experts to give a first-hand perspective: 
"Massaging techniques are focused on ancient kundalini principles, believing that energy is located at the base of the spine. Professional tantras work to release sexual energy and restore balance in this way." — Athena

"I love massage because it has such diverse benefits for my clients. Some sessions are simply about unwinding after a stressful workday, whereas others are an attempt to improve trauma, relationship concerns and other life-altering issues seriously." — Lily 

"Tantric massage sessions involve so much more than a physical release as we perform energy work and engage in long conversations before the sensual part of the experience begins." — Natalia

"Some sessions are simply about unwinding after a stressful workday, whereas others are an attempt to improve trauma, relationship concerns and other life-altering issues seriously."

Tantric massage and its benefits

Despite its taboo, this erotic massage genre isn't too out of the ordinary. However, its results are out-of-this-world. Here's what are the holistic benefits you can expect: 

  • Sexual Exploration — Working with a professional means you don't have to be shy or feel guilty for being selfish. Use massage as a time to explore your body without holding back. Tell your therapist about areas you want to work on physically and emotionally to make the most of your session. 
  • Overcome Sexual Trauma — Amazingly, this therapy can have real benefits for victims of sexual trauma. If you want to normalise sex, improve your relationship with its concept or learn to trust others with your body, tantric masseuses will help kickstart your self-help journey. The slow-paced rhythm of this technique will allow you to view sensuality in a new light that's patient, comforting and never forced. 
  • Relationship Improvement — Whether you're looking to be on better terms with yourself or fix issues within your love life, you can work through your psychological hold-ups physically. Go it alone or get better connected through erotic couples massage. Experienced tantricas will help to improve your sex drive and self-worth by allowing you to be a happier and more available partner. 
  • Health and Wellbeing — Reduce anxiety, eliminate stress and curb distraction with this deeply personal service. Tantra is physical, emotional and spiritual. While the body massage stimulates sexual arousal, you'll notice that sessions feel more like meditation than a massage.