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Intensely arousing and deeply pleasurable, tantric massage is a tantalising experience that is growing in popularity. But what brings people back over and over again? Is it the combination of scented oils and luscious towels? The masterful glides and strokes of an expert tantrica? Or could it be the irresistible charms of the gorgeous masseuses? There are so many reasons why our clients love our massages. But one often overlooked is the many holistic benefits of tantric massage that leave you feeling good and living better long after you’ve left the room. 


Tantric massage serves to satisfy and engage holistically by interweaving physical pleasure with emotional connection and spiritual fulfilment. Combining meditation and erotic massage helps to elevate your spiritual and physical wellbeing. At London Tantric, we make sure our clients enjoy a wide range of tantric massage techniques, including pranayama, meditation, visualization, conscious touch and kundalini. We push the boundaries of arousal levels, raising and sustaining them for mind-blowing full-body orgasmic experiences. 


Think of a tantric massage as a spiritual approach to pleasure. Since its ancient inception, tantric massage has been used to restore stamina, vitality, vigour, youthfulness, and longevity — as well as harmony to your spiritual, psychological and emotional self.


In this post, we take a look at some of the benefits of tantric massage for your holistic health. You’ll discover tantric massage is far more than a brief moment of intense pleasure! 


Provides a Rare Opportunity to Relax 


Our lives are busy. Between our jobs, family life and social commitments, finding time to stop, relax, restore and reconnect can be tricky. Think about it — when did you last schedule in a moment to give yourself some much-needed R&R? 


A tantric massage offers an unadulterated moment of indulgence, space where you can leave behind all of your stresses and strains and embrace pure pleasure. As you fall under the spell of your masseuse's masterful touch, the outside world will slowly melt away and you will begin to feel fully relaxed and reconnected. Enraptured by the sensual setting and captivated by your Tantrica’s incredible beauty, you will experience an elevation of your mind, body and soul.


For many of us, this small window of time out, lost in pleasure and sensuality, is exceptionally rare and valuable. We promise you’ll feel its benefit from the first session.


Centres You in the Present 


Tantric massage doesn’t only offer you time to relax and unwind. It’s also a powerful and evocative way of reconnecting you with the present. "The present" has become a bit of a buzz phrase in the holistic community and for good reasons. We’re almost always either looking forward to the future or behind us into the past. But with all these temporal distractions, we lose our grounding in the present. When we're no longer living in the present, we lose touch with who we are. We disconnect from what we're doing in life and the sensations, feelings and connections that make life exciting.  


A tantric massage helps you to fully embrace the present and all of the delectable, sensual and erotic sensations your masseuse offers. And as you become more present in the moment and your senses heighten, you’ll experience more intense connections and physical sensations. By fully relaxing, your focus will centre on the sublimely erotic sensations your masseuse showers on you. 


This powerful experience of connecting with the present will stay with you. You’ll  remain grounded and connected long after you’ve left the massage table. 


Boosts Your Intimacy and Empathy


As you begin to connect with your stunning tantrica, you’ll become more open to receiving her sensual caresses. She will intuitively guide you to experience ever-increasing arousal levels, taking your attention inwards so that you can enjoy your sexual energies fully, and for longer. 


During your incredible tantric journey, it is common to feel intensely bonded to your masseuse and she to you. This connection can have an impact long after the session has ended. Many massage clients choose to build on this initial bonding experience by continuing their tantric adventures with the same masseuse. With each session, they become more and more intimately acquainted with the techniques and sensations that work best for them. Others are so inspired by how easily they fully connect with a tantrica, that they are eager to experience the wonder of this first spark of chemistry again with a new tantric masseuse. 


Whatever your preference, we know you will want to repeat the erotic excitement and the emotional and spiritual connections forged during your tantric massage, again and again. 


Book your tantric massage today and take your steps towards a happier, healthier you.