When you think of conventional tantric massages, you tend to think of a man getting them. This is because the stereotype of the practice of Tantra is about a masseuse sensually pleasing a man as they represent two energies.

However, this doesn’t mean that women can’t enjoy a tantric massage too. Lesbians, bisexuals and straight women can also look into and discover the benefits of exploring their sensuality at the hands of a beautiful masseuse. Before anything, if a masseuse is professional and experienced, a woman shouldn’t need to worry about a tantric massage being awkward. 

Either way, tantra is not necessarily a sexual experience; it’s a sensual, erotic experience which goes beyond sex. Secret tantra provides a safe and nurturing space to thoroughly connect with your sensual energy and release any bodily tension.

So whether you’re a lesbian, bisexual, or straight, or simply looking to expand your sexual scope - or maybe even a little curious about what it feels like to have another woman sensually arouse you - there are endless benefits for women who choose to delve into tantric massages. Relaxation, aroma therapy, and hot oil poured gently onto your skin and aided along the way with another feminine and sensual touch. The ability to forget about pleasing someone and enjoying the pleasure of sensuality without a male presence to hold you back from expressing your deepest desires will all be there waiting for you. 

Imagine yourself enjoying the touch of a masseuse that knows its way around your body because they share a common place with you and know exactly the place that makes you arch your back. Get to know how to control that back arching and how and when to release the tension that you feel building inside of you. Know that you’re in control of your femininity, your sensuality and all the power that it holds.

When you’re finally free of all those bindings you’ve given yourself, feel as your body vibrates to the beat of another female’s body and let go of any inhibition you might think you need to upkeep. We women often find it difficult to let go entirely enough to enjoy orgasmic sensations to the full, but tantric massages are about learning how much you’re ready to let go… and simply enjoying the sensations this creates. 

The intention of a tantra massage is to create a healing, awakening, and transformative experience for the receiver. You can explore what might be possible in tantric sexuality beyond a purely physical, achievement-oriented experience to reach an incredible orgasmic state that wouldn’t be possible with purely just sex.

If you want to know more, check out our guide on what is a tantric massage, or if you want to experience the wonders of a tantric massage, book one with us.