Learn more about your body and discover new ways to access incredible pleasure with London Tantric’s guide to erogenous zones for males.

Men have more pleasure centres than you might imagine. Besides the most obviously sensitive location on the body that lies “south of the border”, there are several more erogenous zones that remain mostly undiscovered by males.

With a tantric massage, our talented masseuses will help you find hidden places where intense, erotic pleasures can be accessed, providing you with incredible sensations that you’ve never felt before. So what are erogenous zones, and where are they located?

What Are Erogenous Zones?

Erogenous zones for males — and females — are incredibly sensitive places and parts of the body that can provide intense pleasure if they’re tantalisingly caressed in just the right way. Everyone’s body is different, so some erogenous zones are more sensitive in some people than others, but the vast majority of people can still enjoy the amazing gratification of touching these areas.

While women have more erogenous zones than men, males can access mind-blowing sensations without engaging in conventional pleasure-inducing activities. Whether you’ve got a kink that you want to explore or even if you struggle to get or maintain an erection, the male erogenous zones can be a huge turn-on and play a vital role in improving your sex life.

What Are Men’s Most Sensitive Parts?

It’s widely reported that the male orgasm is shorter in duration than a typical female orgasm. This is due to numerous physiological factors, and while you might be left thinking that women have all the fun, men can enjoy earth-shattering pleasure too. 

Men’s pleasure zones don’t have to be so one-dimensional. When reduced to a singular place on the body, more traditional pleasure-seeking can leave you feeling unfulfilled. This is where erogenous zones for males become so important, so where are they on the body?

The Scalp

At the most upper extremity of your body is your head, and at the top of that is your scalp. This area is full of nerve endings, making a tantric Indian head massage an incredibly therapeutic and gratifying experience. Feeling the hands of a beautiful masseuse glide over your scalp can send your body into a deep state of enlightening relaxation.


These are much smaller areas of the body, but they have equal erotic potential. Even the sight of a stunningly attractive woman adjusting her hair, tucking it behind her ear, can send waves of excitement through your body — one you’d become familiar with if you encountered one of our gorgeous masseuses. Massaging the earlobes is an excellent way of relieving stress and removing tension from the entire body, as well as being devilishly exciting when in the presence of an alluring lady.

The Neck

The nape of your neck — which is the lower part of your neck at the back of your head — can send shivers down your spine and incite feelings of erotic excitement. It’s also a place that typically holds a lot of tension that can be relieved through tantric massage, and it’s immensely pleasurable. Even a light neck rub can take away tightness and make you feel much more at ease, so just imagine what a full-body massage can do!


Although the male nipples don’t serve a biological purpose, they are very sensitive areas that can induce great pleasure. Depending on your preferences, anything from gentle touching to something a little rougher can indulge your senses and help you tap into your sexuality. It can be a highly erotic part of your massage with London Tantric, and our intuitive masseuses know exactly how to tantalise and tease you into absolute abandon.

The Wrist and Inner Forearms

We’re not used to being touched on the inside of our wrists or the inner parts of our forearms. This makes it an exciting spot to try out. It has plenty of nerve endings and a pulse point, making it sensitive to even the lightest and most gentle of caresses. Even with a delicate touch, it’s immediately recognisable as a sensual area that can help create a seductive atmosphere.


Bums don’t get much physical attention until they’re getting slapped or spanked. Showing your derrière some more delicate attention can actually be highly pleasurable, so put the paddle aside for a moment and enjoy investigating the pleasures of stroking, massaging and caressing your assets.


The body parts responsible for carrying you from place to place don’t get much in the way of erotic attention, but people with a kinky foot fetish know exactly how pleasurable the feet can be. Your feet are filled with nerve endings, particularly the soles and the soft part on top of your foot. This might also explain why stubbing your toe can seem like an uncannily painful experience.

How to Find Your Erogenous Zones

The male erogenous zones are fantastic pleasure centres that are just waiting to be discovered. Whether you’ve been secretly trying to locate these erogenous zones while reading this blog post or memorising them for your next intimate escapade, our beautiful, talented and experienced tantricas can help you make mind-melting erotic discoveries about your body.

Interested in discovering some hidden pleasures? Get in touch with our welcoming and discreet reception team to book a sensual massage that will help you discover the sexiest parts of your body — and the body of your seductive masseuse.