Have you ever wondered why certain areas of your body feel especially good when touched? Like…really good? Those areas are "erogenous zones" filled with nerve endings that can create intense pleasure when stimulated. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the 10 most erogenous zones so that you can identify them and stimulate them to your heart’s content. 

Experts say, as expected, foreplay is essential to maintaining a healthy and lively sex life. This can be said whether you’re single and sexually active, or sexually active with a life partner. This is because foreplay ensures the best sexual experience whilst building confidence and self-worth - and that’s for both the giver and the receiver during a pleasure-filled-massage! For partners specifically, stimulating erogenous zones during sexual foreplay can help to relax your partner, encourage blood flow, enhance sexual arousal and sexual pleasure, and help you or your partner to achieve orgasm.

Knowing these zones will elevate your sexual performance and have your partner’s legs trembling. Ladies, he’s probably never experienced this kind of touch, so be ready to level up the bedroom, and to the fellas…don’t blame us for the marks on your back after reading this…oops!  

So, what are ‘Erogenous Zones’ in the first place? Erogenous comes from the Greek words “eros” (love) and “genous” (producing). Some say any body part can be an erogenous zone if caressed correctly. Now, that doesn’t mean that you can start tickling your partner’s nose and expect them to orgasm (please don’t try this at home!!!), but it does mean that you can be comfortable enough with your partner to initiate playful contact in zones you may not have brought into your sexual pleasuring before.

Now that’s all cleared, let’s get started on the untapped hotspots you’re currently missing! 

Number 10: Armpits

Did you know inner arms and armpits are especially sensitive? The key here is the amount of pressure you place on these areas. Too much pressure, or conversely, too little pressure, can be far too ticklish to be pleasurable - fellas, we get that you want to make her nearly urinate, but this isn’t the way!

Instead, use a light touch along this area to stimulate the nerves and prompt a desirable response. 

Exploring unexpected erogenous zones brings a lot of playfulness to the bedroom, says New York City-based sex education speaker and founder of Sex Geekdom, Kate McCombs, M.P.H.

Number 9: The Inner Wrist

“How on earth is this an erogenous zone!?” we hear you ask! Simply because of the fact that we’re not used to having this area of our body engaged during sexual pleasure, which is a big miss in many sexual relationships since there are plenty of nerve endings, being right on that pulse point, which vigorously pumps to the strokes  of the silhouettes as they discover one another’s bodies on a much deeper level, spiritually and emotionally. 

The trick here is to use this new superpower sparingly; don’t throw the kitchen sink at it by grabbing hard in the heat of the moment - this could do the total opposite of the desired effect of relaxing your partner. Instead, touch gently at first and allow your partner to gradually connect to the fact that you are touching them sensually. 

Number 8: The Scalp

Have you ever sat in a hairdresser or salon, with the back of your head gently resting in the sink basin as the hairdresser or assistant massages shampoo and conditioner into your hair under warm water? Then you’ll know how it’s the perfect combination of “I’m gonna fall asleep any second!” and “Nope, I’m gonna drool all over myself!” 

Having someone touch your hair and scalp can be incredibly soothing, with an unparalleled arousal, creating the ultimate tingling sensation. Don’t be surprised if your partner gets goosebumps and shivers, it’s a good sign that you’ve hit that sweet spot and they’re ready for you wholly. Experiment by running your fingers through your partner’s hair during your 1:1 time together, and gently caress the scalp as you massage with your fingers and the occasional gentle tickle of your fingertips or nails across the top, sides, and back of the head. 

Number 7: Nipples

Nipples contain many nerve endings which makes them one of the most sensitive erogenous zones in the body. When it comes to nipple play, it's important not only to use light touches but also to vary between fast and slow strokes and different kinds of pressure like pinching or licking. Experimenting with temperature can also take things up a notch (think ice cubes!). 

The nipples are such a great erogenous zone for your partner’s massage in that the sensation from the nipples travels to the same part of the brain as sensations from the vagina, clitoris and cervix. 

Number 6: Earlobe

You heard it here first. A lil’ action to your partner’s ears will have them moaning into yours…

Have you ever tucked the hair behind your partner’s ears for them and got a frown back? No? Of course, you haven’t, because a gesture as sweet and caring as that is almost always greeted with a big grin; we can’t help it! Homely, comforting, and damn right sexy, caressing the ear lobe can send your partner to paradise. It’s the perfect mood setter when enjoying that 1:1 time…

The erotic potential of this erogenous zone is huge and needs to be treated gently and tenderly for the right impact. Start by sensually tickling the edge of your partner’s ear with your index finger and thumb, so that both sides are engaged for maximum pleasure. 

Have you heard of “uricologenital reflex?” This is where a nerve inside the ear canal is stimulated, often through tongue action, and brings some women to orgasm. Suss out with your partner whether this is something that they enjoy, and, if it indeed ticks the boundaries boxes for them and you have free reign to, take this in your stride during foreplay and let the gentle finger to love touching gradually progress to licking and light sucking of the lobe and inside of the ear. 

Number 5: Belly Button and Lower Abdomen

The belly button and lower stomach are sensitive areas,, commonly connected to feelings of trustworthiness and knowing of your identity. After all, it connected you to this world in your mother’s tummy!

With its heightened sensitivity, a touch or gentle tickle near this area can generate a strong sexual response, and, if you’re anything like Madonna, you’ll know that the belly button can be a love button that shoots sex tingles up your spine.

Number 4: The Neck

The neck is often overlooked as an erogenous zone when it is one of the most erogenous zones. This body area can provide some serious pleasure when stimulated through kisses, gentle massage, or some naughtier tongue action. The back of the neck is particularly sensitive, so remember to show this area some good old loving to make things incredibly sensual for you and your sexual partner. You can also pay attention to the nape of the neck and behind the ears for an even greater experience that has them experience a flurry of butterflies whilst experiencing total blissfulness. 

Women ranked the nape of the neck as their favourite and most sensually provoking erogenous zone, above the breasts and nipples, according to a study published in the journal Cortex. Why? We think it’s likely because it’s such an unexpected and vulnerable area. To give someone permission to control the sexual pleasure from this area is to wholly trust you as their lover at that moment, so embrace it! 

Number 3: The Buttocks

It should be no surprise that the buttocks make it to the top 3 of our top 10 list for erogenous zones. That said, many men are in denial that they want some butt action with a female sexual partner, so bear this in mind and communicate to achieve the desired pressure and style of stimulation to make the most out of this erotic area. 

Number 2: Lips

If you’re super skilful (which we know you are already, as you’ve read this far!), lips can be used for more than just kissing. Try nibbling on your partner’s lips gently or trace them with your tongue or fingertips while exploring other parts of your partner’s body. This can be even more enjoyable if you alternate between slow and fast motions or use different pressure levels for that added curiosity and wonder. 

Number 1: Inner Thighs & Groin

And here we are! After discovering the true potential of our top 9 erogenous zones: armpits, the inner wrist, the scalp, nipples, earlobe, inner thighs and groin, neck, buttocks, and lips, we’re onto our number 1 erogenous zone for body to body massage: the inner thighs and groin! 

Of course, these areas are packed with nerve endings and very sexual when touched - think about it, these areas of the body are nearly always covered and kept out of sight, so engaging these areas during foreplay can send your partner into a crazy hot, head high, whilst experience the calming body effects that this form of sexual pleasure brings.

Lightly stroke these regions with your hands before slowly increasing pressure for a truly unforgettable experience. For that added sensual connection, use plenty of lubricants, so that the tingle is brought upon sooner and with a much higher intensity. 

To Conclude 

Kate McCombs has previously said, “People often rush stimulation.” So, as sexy and steamy as the activity is - making you want to increase the energy and go 0-100 immediately (we get it!) - try to take a moment to engage in deeper eye contact with your partner, so that you can seamlessly create that comforting and relaxing mood that he or she needs.

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