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Welcome to London Tantric

My name is Sara and I'd like to welcome you to London Tantric where I pride myself on providing a superior massage service which blends elements of Eastern Philosophy with the best of Western practice.  

All our girls are highly skilled and trained in the ancient art of Tantra. By using touch and intuition they will tailor the massage according to your individual preferences, needs and desires ensuring you have the most erotic experience possible. Take a look at the gallery and you will see that not only are many of our girls English but that only the most gorgeous and delightful girls become a part of the London Tantric Team enabling us to maintain the highest levels of service and most respected reputation. 

With numerous incall locations throughout London and girls available at short notice, we are also convenient, efficient and always professional.

Today's modern society is all about quick fixes and instant gratification which has caused us to lose touch with our body and the full spectrum of sensations it is capable of.

During your time spent with a London Tantric Massage therapist you will be led on a sensual journey that takes you beyond sex. Our stunning masseuses will expertly touch every part of your body, sensing when to speed up, when to slow down and where to focus. Nothing is expected of you other than to relax, receive and enjoy. Your attention will be brought inwards, your senses will be heightened and you are likely to experience a 'full body orgasm'. 

Sensual Massage London

Sensual Massage and Tantric Massage are available for men and couples and we also specialise in Tantric massage for women. This can be a wonderful way for women to explore their sensuality and release their inhibitions.

Tantric Massage is suitable for those who want to experience deeper levels of pleasure, find effective relief from the stresses of daily life or even if you're just looking to try something new. Our girls use specialised Tantric techniques which you may never have encountered before, ensuring your session is unique and unforgettable. Tantra can also be used in a therapeutic setting for those who have sexual issues such as impotence or premature ejaculation.

The Girls and I here at London Tantric look forward to introducing you to the ultimate sensual experience. 

I'd be delighted to answer any questions or queries you may have so do drop me a line at or call me on +44 (0) 779320 3224

The lovely Mimi is now part of the London Tantric team so she will also be taking your calls and queries.

Sara & Mimi xx


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