Sensual model self massaging


From businesswomen to academics, artists to celebrities — women are finally discovering the unrivalled pleasures of tantric massage at London Tantric. Designed for women, by women, our lesbian tantric massages are sizzlingly sensual, decadently delicious, and utterly otherworldly. There’s truly no better way to show yourself some love and old fashioned TLC (“tender loving care”) than by being worshipped and pleasured by a beautiful bi-sexual London Tantric goddess. 


If you’re all set and ready to go for your first tantric massage — or are shyly toying with the idea but are unsure what to expect — then this post is for you. Here’s what to expect from your first lesbian tantric massage.


The Initial Consultation 


Unlike other massages, tantric massage blends the physical and emotional with the spiritual. Tantra is a holistic practice that’s designed to physically pamper and sexually arouse — while reigniting your spiritual self and easing any emotional blockages. By aligning your energies, our masseuses can tailor your experience to you, so that you leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and utterly reinvigorated. That’s why taking time to understand each client’s concerns, desires, fears and passions, is an integral part of our tantric process.


At the beginning of your session, you will have a brief consultation with your masseuse. The conversation can be as informal or as in-depth as you like — it’s just an opportunity for the two of you to get to know each other. And remember, you’re in a safe space with an understanding and non-judgemental practitioner, so feel free to share anything that will help your masseuse to understand your personal goals better.


The session will then be entirely tailored to you, and intuitively taken at a pace which feels comfortable to you. 


Connecting Exercises to Boost Intimacy 


A tantric massage is a marathon, not a sprint. The longer and more carefully it’s drawn out, the greater and more intense your pleasure at release. But just as you wouldn’t start a marathon without stretching, so our tantric masseuses won’t throw you into the deep end without building up your arousal and establishing a deeper intimacy and connection with you. 


No two massages will be the same — after all, they’re tailored to you — but all of our massages begin with both masseuse and recipient disrobing, lathering up in oil and getting comfy on high-quality sheets. 


Your masseuse may begin with some pranayama breathing. This slow, deliberate breath will help you and your masseuse to sync with each other. As you inhale and exhale deeply, you will begin to let go of any stresses and strains and surrender to the pleasure that awaits. 


If you’re feeling ungrounded and disconnected, your masseuse might introduce a little reflexology. Reflexology uses the feet as a gateway to address imbalances and blockages within your body. By stimulating the different parts of your feet, your masseuse will help you to completely unwind and give in to the experience.  


The initial sensations brought about through these first touches and breaths will prime your body, mind and soul for a tantric experience like no other. 


Tantric Full Body Massage and Yoni Massage 


By now, you’ll be tingling with excitement and arousal. Just when you think you can’t take any more massage-foreplay, your masseuse will begin caressing your entire body with her skilful, nimble fingers. Using various strokes and techniques, she will work up your body, slowly building up your sensual energy. 


As you reach new thresholds of pleasure and arousal, your masseuse will begin body-to-body glides and writhe her naked, oiled body over yours, massaging your curves with her curves. This is the part of the massage that our clients can’t get enough of. 


When you’re at the peak of release, your masseuse will begin to stimulate your erogenous zones, building up in pressure and pace. 


The Release 


After being suspended in this drawn-out state of arousal, your massage will finish with a full body orgasm. Bringing your body, mind and soul into powerful alignment, this orgasm will far exceed your normal orgasms. Radiating throughout your whole body, from your fingers to your toes, up your spine and down the length of your thighs, you will feel completely and deliciously sexually, emotionally and spiritually satiated. 


Your masseuse will give you plenty of time to wallow in your pleasure. And when you’re ready, you’re free to step out into the world — with the kind of glow only a tantric massage can deliver. 


Now you know what to expect, book your tantric lesbian massage and open yourself up to a whole new world of pleasure.