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Recently, it seems that everyone is talking about tantric massage — an increase in popularity that has been undeniably important in shifting the conversation on male body positivity. Thousands of men have flocked to tantric masseuses seeking to retrain their physical reflexes, refire their sensual lives, and boost their libido and stamina using tantric practices. But is there something missing in all this tantric chatter? Where are all the women? 


Somewhere along the line, tantric massage has become associated with men. Heralded as an erotic way to overcome erectile dysfunction, last longer in bed and orgasm harder, the benefits of tantric massage for men are well-known and revered. But in all of the excitement, the many benefits of women-only tantric massages have got lost. 


Tantric massages’ modern association with masculine sexual energies is a relatively new phenomenon. One of the first ever examples of tantric practice in history can be traced back to the Zama cult in India, a predominantly female group that celebrated and openly explored their sexuality and sexual energy through tantra. 


In this post, we redress the balance and show you why women too should open themselves up to the pleasures of tantric massage. 


What Is a Tantric Woman-Only or Lesbian Massage?


A tantric woman-only or lesbian massage is essentially the same as its male equivalent — a sensuous form of massage that targets the erogenous zones of the body to heighten arousal and awaken sexual energy. In a tantric massage, the masseuse uses her masterful hands and luscious curves to stimulate the body, moving and building up sexual energy and ultimately delivering an earth-shattering release. The only difference is that a lesbian or women-only tantric massage is a tantric massage performed by women, for women. 


Masseuses who specialise in Lesbian tantric massages are masters of female sexuality and conjurers of feminine sensuality. Their intimate knowledge of the female body, allows them to expertly navigate the pleasure points, erogenous zones, areas of blockage and pain, with sensitivity and precision. Beneath their hands and body, you will melt away into unimaginable pleasure and excitement. The combination of your own female body connects with that of the masseuse to create an intense and overwhelmingly powerful feminine sexual energy that resonates on both a physical and spiritual level. 


Benefits of a Tantric Lesbian Massage 


It doesn’t matter what sexuality you identify with — you could be happily married to a man, lesbian or bi-curious — all women can benefit from a women-only tantric massage. Here are just some of the many reasons to invest in one. 


Lesbian Tantric Massage & the Big “O” 


Is there anything more incredible, more wondrous, more desirable than an earth-shattering, body-shaking orgasm? The only problem is for us girls — orgasm can be elusive. In fact, although women can experience up to twenty orgasms in a row, 10% of women claim that they’ve never experienced one in their lives. Whether you struggle to orgasm or just want to boost your orgasms and take them to the next level, a lesbian tantric massage will get you there. 


Designed to work your sexual energy and tease and titillate you to intoxicating release, a lesbian tantric massage is like a boot camp for pleasure — and the benefits reach far beyond the massage room!


Women-Only Massage & Body Confidence 


Most of us have one or two areas that we don’t like — an extra roll here, a bit of cellulite there — but what can start as something small, can snowball into seriously depleted self-confidence and body confidence. Four in Five women struggle with low body confidence and it can be devastating and drastically affect our enjoyment of life. By focusing on the pleasure that your body can experience, a tantric massage helps to improve your relationship with your wonderful, pleasureful body. 


Tantric Massage & Reconnecting with Your Sensual Self 


Being a woman in the modern world can be exhausting. Our lives are busy and constantly demand that we be strong, fearless, dedicated. We’re always striving and pushing ourselves to achieve more — whether in our careers, our family life or friendships. With so much always going on, our connection with our sensual selves can weaken and we become alienated from our erotic side. But your sensuality is a key part of who you are, and when we lose touch with that part of ourselves we’re more likely to make poor decisions in our love lives, struggle with body confidence, and develop low self-worth. Tantric massage puts you back in touch with yourself through the power of touch. 


Lebsian Tantric Massage & Intimate Female Energy 


One of the most underrated, but incredible benefits of a tantric lesbian massage, is the profoundly nurturing and intimate connection that forms between you and another woman. The heightened feminine energy that a tantric massage evokes rejuvenates both recipient and client and is one of the top reasons that our masseuses are so eager to work with female clients. 

If you’re intrigued and are interested in exploring your sensual side with a gorgeous masseuse, book your lesbian tantric massage today.