Imagine the scene. You’re naked, and your hands and feet are tied. As the candlelight flickers, you catch sight of your gorgeous masseuse. She walks past you flaunting her incredibly sensual curves — your excitement peaks. Just as you can’t take any more, she begins to sensually tease and tantalise your entire body, lingering on the most sensitive and arousing parts. Snaking her body over yours, you surrender to her erotic charms. If that sounds like heaven, you’ve got to try a tie and tease massage. 
A naughty twist on a body-to-body massage, a tie and tease has become one of our top massages for a good reason. This post takes a deeper look at this titillating and intoxicating massage form. 

Tie and tease massage does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a dark tantric massage that incorporates the deep eroticism of tie and teases. Using a series of high-quality relations and binds, our tie and tease masseuses are skilled tanglers who seamlessly blend dark eroticism with luxury indulgence. 
Each session caters entirely to you and your individual needs. Connecting with you on a sensual, psychological, and even spiritual level. After all, our tie and tease masseuses are passionate about the intuitive, dynamic and exciting potential of erotic experimentation.

How does a tie and tease massage work?

All tie and tease sessions begin with the binding of your feet, hands — and the rest of your body by our mistress. As you relinquish your control, so too do you let go of your stress and anxiety until feeling entirely captivated by the moment. Amongst the scented aroma of our masseuse’s candlelit boudoir, at the mercy of her sensual touch, your every pleasure will be controlled by her sensual massage strokes and blissful sensations. 

Together you will set the pace of the session, pushing at the limits of your pleasure and pain, submission and dominance, sexual denial and indulgence. Like a carefully choreographed dance, you and your masseuse will engage in an erotic massage that will tease and tantalise every inch of your body.

Why should you try a tie and tease massage

When was the last time you truly gave yourself to your passions and pleasures? When did you last allow yourself to be utterly pampered? How often do you completely abandon yourself in the hands of another? For most of us, this kind of utter abandonment and indulgence is a rare, if not non-existent, occurrence. But it shouldn’t be!

Relinquishing complete control to another person, trusting them with your pleasure and pain, by allowing them to take control of your body and sensations is a powerful exercise in trust, intimacy and relaxation. By binding your body, your tantric goddess symbolises her complete control over you. Your submission to her erotic charm is a physiological trigger and aids muscle and mind relaxation. 
In a tie and tease massage, you can completely melt into the pleasure and eroticism of your massage. Turning away from the stresses and strains of your daily life, you’re free to embrace all your desires, kinks, and pleasures. 

Who would love to be tied and teased?

For some, indulging your deepest, darkest desires is a no-brainer. For others, it’s all a bit anxiety-invoking. After all, we’re often forced to hide our true selves and repress our kinks. So it can be a little intimidating to let loose and embrace the more devilish sides of your sensuality. But that’s what makes tie and tease such an incredible massage form. 
Blending both punishment and pleasure, pain and pampering, it’s both a deeply erotic and nurturing practice. Whether you’re new to BDSM and looking to dip your toes into submission and domination or for something that bridges the gap across all of your sexual desires, a tie and tease massage is for you. 

Open yourself up to the delectable pleasures of tie and tease massage and book yourself a session with London Tantric today or call us on 07793 203224.