Celebrities only receive the best when it comes to pretty much anything. Regardless of how much it costs and hard it is to obtain, if you're an A-list celebrity with a pocket big enough you'll be able to fuel anyone of your needs. And because celebrities are willing to do for anything for these perks in life there is no wonder that they're willing to fork out some serious money for massages. A lot of celebrities today will have their own masseuse that have a specialised massages to their needs and if that sounds appealing to you then you better start saving up. But what is a lot, is there any figure to go by when purchasing a massage as an A-list celebrity? Another good question too is why aren't they booking elite standard Lesbian massages in london from London tanric?

Although a lot of celebrities are willing to pay top dollar for masseuses, the price still fluctuates more than you'd expect. It's all really to do with preference. Let's take Hugh Jackman for example, did you know that he once had his favourite masseuse flown out from LA when he gained a back injury from playing with his daughter. The cost of that would probably have totalled up to the most expensive massage in the world and in my opinion it was probably still less effective than a london tantric massage from london Tantric. Also it would have been so much cheaper to use london Tantric too.

I understand that Hugh wouldn't have just been paying for a massage though, he would have been paying for both a flight out and return, somewhere for the masseuse to stay and other travel expenses. So realistically it would be unfair to say that this is the most expensive massage, because there are so many variables to consider. If I was Hugh I probably would have just flown out a London tantric girl for a sensual massage in london and it still would have easily been cheaper.

Here's a good figure to go by, WINKS massages (also in london), deliver a tantric massage in london also. Yet unlike London tantric there prices are unbelievably extortionate, but by how much so? A single massage from WINKS that lasts 90 minutes will cost you £725, for two hours £975. That's ridiculous, why go for something so incredibly overpriced when you know that you could get exactly the same thing from London Tantric for a fraction of the price.