Most of us have a vague idea of what a tantric massage is. You might gather that tantric massage is exciting, unique and not commonly found on a regular spa list.  

But what exactly is involved in a tantric massage? 

In this blog, we outline the four defining elements of tantric massage to show you how the practice gets its healing power. 

Defining Tantric Massage

For those who only have a basic understanding of the practice, here is a more comprehensive definition: 

A tantric massage is an immersive treatment that takes some of the traditional elements of massage — like applying pressure and kneading — and combines them with sensuality and meditative practice. 

According to ancient-origins, “tantra is a combination of two words, “tattva” and “mantra”, which mean the science of cosmic principles and the science of mystic sound and vibration respectively.” 

For this reason, a tantric massage can feel outer-worldly. 

Much like slow-paced practices like yoga, tantric massage can feel like a ceremony. In fact, most tantric practices involve some form of yoga and meditation. Unlike conventional yoga, tantric massage allows you to share your spiritual and bodily experience with another person. 

For all these reasons, tantric massage offers something other treatment types do not — namely, a chance to reconnect with yourself through others. 

Tantric massage is notorious for awakening your sexual spirit. Yet, it can also have a wide range of other emotional impacts, like reducing anxiety and boosting confidence. 

Element #1: Slow Pace

The spiritual origins of tantric massage mean treatment is often slow-paced. 

With that said, you can still experience tantric massage as part of your busy schedule, as this principle is often delivered by the approach of the masseuse, rather than the physical timescale. 

You’ll feel this in the touch of the masseuse and the patience in awakening your body. 

Although you’ll be aware during the massage, your mind and body will likely feel detached throughout, allowing you to sense a true feeling of escapism. This state of mind will cause you to feel each sensation with even greater intensity as all your conscious worries slip away. 

We provide short sessions, as well as long bookings so that every lifestyle can feel these benefits. Even those with minimal time on their hands will feel as though the treatment lasts for longer as a result of this approach. 

This slow pace is what satisfies our busy clients and makes them eager to return. 

Element #2 : Intimacy

Let’s be clear — tantric massage is much more than a relaxed form of yoga. 

In this adult treatment type, you’ll get up close and personal with your masseuse. 

One of the important ways clients feel the spiritual, emotional and bodily benefits of tantra is through intimacy. 

A high level of intimacy is often created through body to body movement. It’s not uncommon for a masseuse to use their body, as well as their hands to enhance your experience. 

Despite it being a professional service, tantric massage never feels clinical or like a routine treatment. The opposite is true. Masseuses are engaged during treatment — physically and spiritually — to ensure you can form a deep emotional bond. 

As a result, you’ll feel emotionally cleansed and flushed out after treatment. 

This intimacy causes many of our returning clients to choose the same masseuse for various bookings as the pair continue to practice tantra together. 

Element #3: Breathwork

Meditative practice and yoga often come in to play at the beginning of a session. 

Most masseuses incorporate these ancient techniques by encouraging breathwork. 

During this part of the massage, your masseuse will instruct you to use different breathing techniques that allow you to sink into a calmer, more serene frame of mind. 

Similar to the breathwork practised during meditation, this element effectively empties the conscious mind. Masseuses and clients perform this together in sync to increase the level of intimacy and synchronicity in the practice. 

When done correctly, breathwork acts as a transition period to the actual act of the massage and allows you to remove any negative thoughts and energy the external world might bring. 

Some regular receivers of tantric massage profess this allows them to feel as though the two bodies of giver and receiver are as one. 

Element #4: Arousal

Arousal, sexual awakening and intense pleasure are amongst the most highly anticipated effects of tantric massage. 

And while tantric practice does have innumerous benefits, arousal never fails to top the list.

Tantric massage can achieve a reduction in anxiety, stress and physical pain. Yet, these benefits can also be gained through conventional spa practice. 

Arousal, on the other hand, is largely unique to tantric practice and for some people, it’s the only way they can find a satisfying release of sexual tension. 

All of the aforementioned elements — slow pace, intimacy and breathwork — come together to build arousal, sexual or otherwise. 

It’s important to understand you shouldn’t inherently expect to feel sexually aroused during a tantric massage as the experience is different for everybody. 

However, this form of massage is guaranteed to have a long-lasting effect on you whether that be emotional, spiritual or physical.

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