Picture the scene. You and your significant other, naked, bathed in gently flickering candlelight, lathered in the intoxicating scent of opulent essential oils, relaxed, reconnected and completely abandoned in bliss. Sounds pretty perfect, right? What about adding in a beautiful masseuse who is highly skilled in the erotic arts gently massaging both of you until you reach new heights of pleasure and excitement. There really is nothing quite like a couples massage. Forget the decadent dinners, scoot past the flowers — a tantric couple’s massage is the best way to reconnect with your partner and reignite the fiery passion that brought you together in the first place. 

At London Tantric, we have years of experience in organising couple’s massages to please even the most discerning and adventurous couples in the city. But we know that planning a couple’s massage can be both exciting and daunting. So we’ve put together some of your most frequently asked questions about this intense couple’s experience. 

Whether you’re tentatively organising your first-ever couples massage or are a bonafide tantric couple, we promise that your couple’s massage will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. 

Can We Be in the Same Room for Our Massages?

Yes, absolutely. A couple’s massage should be a deeply intimate, connecting experience, so we ensure all our massages occur in the same room at the same time. In fact, being in the same room is essential for the experience. Both you and your partner can watch each other slowly reach new horizons of pleasure, sensual intimacy and release. With each intoxicating touch, your sensual connection will heighten. 

Will We Have One Masseuse or Two? 

Whether you have one masseuse to work on the two of you, or one each, is entirely up to your personal preference. Some of our couples prefer to share the magical touch of one lady and find that it increases the sensual intimacy. Others prefer to experience the pleasurable pampering at the same time but with a masseuse each. If you have a preference or are not quite sure what you’d rather have, you can discuss it with one of London Tantric’s lovely telephone receptionists. 

If We See One Masseuse, Does One of Us Sit and Watch as the Other Is Massaged?

Once again, this depends on your preference. Some people wish to play the voyeur and watch as their partner is gently aroused and pleasured and vice versa. Watching can be a delightfully erotic experience for all involved as it means that the receiver of the massage has their partner’s attention devoted to their pleasure.  Many people also find that the act of watching and being watched can heighten sensual energies and deliver a sensation of being loved, nurtured and worshipped. 

For others, a more hands-on approach is desirable, and our masseuses are always happy to help you get involved. Gently guiding you through kundalini and authentic tantric techniques, your masseuse will teach you the secrets of this erotic art. And the best part? You can take the new skills you’ve learned with your masseuse home with you.

Will the Masseuse or Masseuses Be Comfortable Massaging Both of Us? 

Yes. Our masseuses are highly experienced in massaging both men and women and they also enjoy the experience of massaging couples together. That’s because our couples masseuses are all genuinely bisexual and skilled at working with both female and male sensual energies and bodies. Choose your dream girl from our gallery of masseuses and embrace your deepest fantasies. 

It’s Our First Time and We’re a Little Nervous, Will the Masseuse Be OK with That? 

Don’t worry — it’s completely normal to be a little nervous. Our masseuses are highly professional and have tons of experience. They will gently and intuitively guide you through this sensual adventure at a pace which feels appropriate for you both. In tantric massage, there is no rush. The sensual wonders it has in store for you are beautifully revealed as your bodies, minds and souls become ready to receive these enlightening and erotic joys.

You can rest assured that your masseuse will reveal the pleasures of tantric massage in a sensitive and supportive way. Her goal is your pleasure and enjoyment. If you have any concerns or questions, she’ll be happy to answer them. 

If you want to know more about a couple’s massage or are interested in booking your own, contact our team today.