What if we told you there was an explorative and sensual means to treating your medical condition? Yup, we’re serious! Despite your thinking that those words should never be combined, there’s a far more relaxing and pleasant means of treatment that many patients are finally discovering to have unmatched health benefits…

Let’s face it - life can be pretty heavy. We have a lot to deal with daily, which can cause us to feel overburdened with unhealthy lifestyles, environmental toxins, stress, health problems and disease. Every human experiences blockage, but these physical, mental, and emotional barriers can be overcome through tantric massage. 

Tantric massage is a practice that promotes physical and emotional wellness, unblocking your energy channels and removing the toxins and impurities that are plaguing your physical tissues. It combines traditional massage techniques with energetic healing to help people relax, de-stress, and achieve a deeper connection with their bodies. This type of specialist professional massage involves erogenous zones and genitals and is part of neotantra, a Western practice that derives from Hindu beliefs, with the goal being to achieve complete mindfulness.

As it utilises powerful forms of energy, tantric massage has the ability to touch you far beyond just the physical body. But which type of tantric massage can be used alongside traditional medical treatment in order to better your medical condition? Let's explore together! 


Proven to have resounding effects on aches and pains, professional tantric massage can release discomfort and pain caused by medical conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, or multiple sclerosis whilst increasing your range of motion through improved blood circulation.

Deep tissue massages involve using firm pressure and slow strokes into the muscle tissue which helps to release built-up tension throughout the body, producing a newfound energetic flow in your body in areas where you were once limited in movement. Hence, the perfect massage for this kind of pain can be the Swedish Massage

Mental Health

As rightly expected, the positive effects on mental health that tantric massage possess are endless. Just one session alone can massively reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. This response is due to the release of adrenalin, dopamine, and stimulation of oxytocin - a hormone related to positive, happy feelings, along with other hormones.

A small 2020 experimental study evaluated the differential effects of ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’ massages on well-being in healthy but stressed couples. It found that after couples gave each other 15-minute tantric massages, both the giver and the receiver had lower levels of stress hormones and better mental clarity in turn.

Another study from the same year looked at maternal mental health and partner-delivered massage, finding that pregnant women who received a 20-minute massage from their partners once per week for about 10 weeks had significantly lower levels of depression and anxiety symptoms, compared to their starting point. Here, the massage wasn’t even that of tantric, and so it’s reasonable to suggest that this mindfulness would have been experienced far earlier than 10 weeks in their pregnancy journey if their partners were to practice this more spiritual and sexually satisfying means of deep-rooted connection.

Empty your mind and discover the powerful art of mindfulness, and how it can be combined with sexual nourishment.

Gut Health

Getting in touch with the many benefits of Tantric massage can also boost immune function and overall gut health. They say to ‘trust your gut!’ but they don’t remind you to look after it! Gut health is so important since it controls your entire nervous system, impacting the way you think, feel, eat, drink, and sleep, and more. 

Leveraging the spiritual powers of tantric massage can lead to a healthy gut, where there are more good bacteria than harmful bacteria and harmful bacteria cannot then overtake the good. This ultimate balance of the bacteria in the gut flora can lead to many health benefits, including reducing inflammation that can lead to heart disease and lowering the chance of obesity.

Prostate Wellness

Yes, this one is for you, gentlemen! Professional tantric massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular as a holistic treatment for supporting men with prostate wellness. 

But this isn’t something new…

Prostate massage has in fact been practised for many hundreds of years in ancient Tantric and Taoist (Ancient Chinese) traditions. Whilst most tantric professionals actually avoid the pelvic and genital areas, we embrace these vital energy stores, so that you can feel more in touch with your own body. 

As specialists in genital bodywork through highly skilled and experienced tantric massage, including internal prostate massage, we work with ease to relax your body before the prostate massage begins. Following your sessions, you will experience optimised blood and lymphatic flow to the prostate gland and surrounding area, also removing heavily accumulated and unwanted toxins from the body.

Erectile Dysfunction

We’d say that this is another one for the men out there, but we’re certain that your partners will be thankful for this from you too. 

Tantric massage releases internal physical tension, by relaxing muscles and nerves that may be causing issues that cause premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Increased blood flow throughout the body can help improve erections over time. Combined with this, the reduction in stress hormones, typically relating to feelings of anxiety and depression, can boost performance in the bedroom, whilst also promoting better sleeping habits.

Stimulating the body’s sexual energy through these ancient spiritual practices can increase confidence, resulting in improved sexual and emotional relationships and overall satisfaction with life. 

Our many satisfied clientele here at London Tantric tell us that this all promotes better communication in their relationships, so the likelihood of an unwanted ‘relapse’ is relatively rare, just from a few professional sessions alone.

Harness the power of Aqua Massage

Typically, for any of the above conditions, we recommend first experimenting with an aqua massage. This is performed naked in the shower or bath and is a sensual cleansing ritual that can begin your tantric experience in the most erotic way possible. 

Beginning with a gentle soapy lather before massaging your entire body, you will experience refreshment, invigoration, and unparalleled sexual arousal. We have seen many of our clients hit a newfound degree of mindfulness from this very first introductory session, resulting in noticeable positive improvements in their physical and mental health.

In Summary

To summarise, professional tantric massage from the most trusted and skilled experts in the Country, Tantric London can be an effective therapy for those suffering from numerous medical conditions. Some of our clients use tantric massage alongside their conventional medical treatments, while some have totally eradicated any medical means of treatment and have focussed solely on these ancient tantric practices. 

In any case, we strive for our clients to be comfortable and in touch with who they are and not be restricted in living a joyful and connected life with themselves, in spite of illness, disease, or another obstacle