What Is Dark Tantra?


what is dark tantra


Do you crave intoxicating sexual excitement? Do you want to be challenged and pushed sexually? Are you looking for a darker sensual experience that blends fetishism with the ancient art of massage? Then dark tantra may be just what you desire.


Sensual desire manifests in a broad spectrum of shapes and forms. What one person finds completely mindblowing will leave another a little bored. We’re so used to the same cookie-cutter erotic experiences that promise complete sexual gratification but are targeted towards the masses without a clear understanding of what passionate desires drive people towards sexual fulfilment. At London Tantric, we believe that the greatest gift you can give to yourself is regular experimentation with your body, your pleasures and your deepest desires in order to find out exactly what gets you going in all the right ways.


With dark tantra, you can discover a whole new world of sexual open-mindedness and unimaginable fetishistic pleasure. Tailor-made to your sensual fantasies and rooted in ancient origins, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.


Whether you’ve already started your tantric journey and are looking to express your darker sensual desires or are completely new to the intoxicating world of tantric massage, here’s everything you need to know about the sexiest, darkest and kinkiest form of tantra — dark tantra.


What Is Dark Tantra?


Dark tantra fuses the ancient spiritual art of tantric massage with the kinky fetishism of BDSM. As the name suggests, it’s a practice that taps into your repressed desires and fantasies and evokes complete and utter sexual abandon and fulfilment.


No two dark tantra sessions are the same. Your gorgeous London Tantric masseuse will cater to your particular desires and fetishes by combining your favourite parts of BDSM with the erotic and sensual practices of tantric massage. You may choose to put a devilish twist on traditional tantra by incorporating elements of domination, bondage, sensorial deprivation or wax play — there are no limits to the various ways of exploring dark tantra. All you need is an open mind and a bodily openness to the pleasure that awaits.


As with traditional tantric massage, dark tantra will help to release your sexual energy, awaken your sexual self and lead to greater sexual experiences on and off the massage table. The only difference is that dark tantra will also reignite the flame in your deepest and delectably darkest parts of your sexual desires so that you can discover more about your own sensuality and pleasure.


Who Would Benefit from Dark Tantra?


Dark tantra is a fluid sensual practice that is suitable for all people interested in exploring their sensual pleasure and sexual energies. Dark tantra offers a safe, playful and nurturing environment in which you can indulge your sexual cravings and erotic fetishes. We’re often told to repress our deepest desires, but dark tantra allows you to really embrace your unique — and completely natural — kinks.


Dark tantra is also great for anyone who has played with the idea of BDSM but isn’t confident enough to visit a dominatrix. Although dark tantra incorporates elements of BDSM, it’s less hardcore. Whereas a dominatrix will use her BDSM skills and techniques to induce pleasurable pain, a dark tantric masseuse will incorporate elements of this in ways that allow for sensual enlightenment and sexual reinvigoration — it’s the perfect primer if you’re considering indulging in BDSM.

If you’re curious about BDSM, or if the idea of something a little darker peaks your pleasure, try a dark tantric massage with London Tantric. Book today — you might be surprised by your own ability to achieve spiritual ecstasy and sexual fulfilment.