In traditional practice, massage is limited to the hands (and forearms and elbows in the case of a deep-tissue massage). In body-to-body massage, nothing is off-limits as a masseuse uses their entire body to create pressure and relieve stress. The curves and shape of a masseuse’s body give varying degrees of pressure and sensation allowing you to near the peak of climax several times over. 

This intimate form of massage is one of our most highly-rated services providing a quick route to relaxation and social intimacy while receiving a thorough massage with moderate pressure. Many clients prefer body-to-body massage as it intensifies the experience and has a plethora of benefits.

What to Expect from a Body-to-Body Massage

Most people will feel a mixture of emotions when deciding whether to get their first body-to-body massage — excitement, apprehension and even fear are all common. 

The truth is a body-to-body massage is incredibly intimate — yet much of the experience is similar to any other sensual massage. You’ll be covered with a towel while an experienced, professional masseuse works on a specific part of your body. 

However nervous you might feel about being in such close contact with your tantric masseuse, you’ll soon forget these worries as you start to feel the benefits of the massage and sink into the sensuality of the session. Although sessions can be short, the pace of a body-to-body massage is slow, making it easy for you to clear your mind and move into a more meditative state. 

Very little is expected of you during the massage — except for the rules outlined in our Terms of Enjoyment — leaving you free to enjoy the service and soak in the experience. 

Getting a body-to-body massage at London Tantric means you can enjoy this service in your environment — your home or hotel room — or you can choose to discreetly visit a masseuse in their private, luxury apartment. The setting of a body-to-body massage — at least in the service we provide — is secure, safe and hygienic, ensuring you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout. 

The result? A body-to-body massage often restores the mind, body and soul. 

In any type of massage, movement helps to increase circulation and blood flow effectively releasing tension from muscles. In body-to-body massage, this benefit heightens as there is greater contact between a masseuse and client. For this reason, body-to-body massages are like the tantric equivalent of sports therapy. 

Since the service is so intimate, clients will also feel emotionally invigorated. Prolonged skin-to-skin contact can help to fulfil the need for companionship or even dispel sexual anxiety and tension. 

The Benefits of Body-To-Body Massage 

While a body-to-body massage might sound like a novelty service, a standard session can yield some real benefits. 

  • Build a genuine connection — Tantric massage is more than a practitioner simply performing a service. Instead, in this ancient practice, the connection between the customer and the tantrica is key. In body-to-body massage, this connection goes further as the service requires constant skin-on-skin contact while both parties simultaneously enjoy the experience. 

  • Fulfil the basic need for human intimacy — Some clients may leave a session feeling socially nourished, cared for and less isolated than before, proving this type of massage has real spiritual and psychological benefits. Most clients choose to make a repeat booking with the same masseuse as they work together to develop their already established bond. Body-to-body massage is rarely a one-off encounter and can often turn into somewhat of a ritual allowing you to build a meaningful and physical relationship.  

  • Effective release of stress and tension — The intimacy of body-to-body massage helps a tantrica to better understand which parts of the body are most tense and ultimately work to provide physical and mental relief. Although many massages are marketed as stress-relievers, the effects of a body-to-body massage are unparalleled. 

  • Sexual liberation — When a massage is increasingly personal, it’s much easier to take a precise and proactive approach to emotional — and sometimes sexual — healing. During a body-to-body practice, masseuses use sensuality to remove strain combined with traditional massage techniques. 


At no additional cost to a standard tantric session, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try a body-to-body massage. Browse the 15+ body-to-body masseuses who are experts at performing full-body bliss.