What is an adult massage? Aren't all massages aimed at an adult audience? The benefits of a massage — relaxation, resolved aches and pains and even arousal — seem mature.

So what exactly qualifies as an "adult massage" if not every massage? What makes an erotic massage different from a tantric massage or a massage picked from a spa service list?

In this blog, we define the terms erotic, sensual and tantric therapy to make the meaning of adult massage crystal clear. 

What Is a Sensual or Erotic Massage?

What we know as a massage resulting in a "happy ending" is referred to as a sensual or erotic massage. These massages focus on sexual areas of the body rather than pronounced massage techniques like an Indian head massage or a Swedish massage, for example.

While you might not receive this type of service from a qualified massage therapist, you could expect a prostate massage or something similar that allows you to feel intense physical pleasure.

This is undoubtedly an adult X-rated massage — that's also, incidentally, illegal in many countries.

What Exactly Is Tantric Massage?

Another form of adult massage that's just as risque but much safer is tantric massage. While you may feel similar physical benefits to a generic adult massage, you'll also experience a spiritual and psychological awakening.

Indeed, there is a big difference between a sensual and a tantric massage. Yet both can be arousing and intimate.

The first major differentiator is the fact your body massage will be given by a trained professional, also titled a tantrica. This individual will be well-versed in body massage, as well as tantric philosophy, which includes meditative activities like breathwork. In a tantric massage, it's not uncommon to be given a massage by two or more people in a four hands massage session, meaning you’ll get a double dose of professionalism. During this massage, more than one person massages you — intensifying the pressure of the massage and the pleasure you'll feel in the process.

Secondly, you'll notice tantric massage places an equal focus on physicality and spirituality. While sensual massages are all about the physical act of massage, with elements such as massage oil to enhance the experience, tantric massage builds on this, also giving attention to deeper feelings and your inner consciousness. This is why tantric massage links to boosted confidence, mental stimulation that lasts longer than the session's duration and improved mood.

While erotic and sensual massages rest on nothing but impulsive desires, tantric practice lies in ancient origins. This heritage gives tantric massage a level of respectability that allows individuals to explore topics like sexuality, self-esteem and development in a new light.

While we might class tantra as a form of massage therapy, a standard sensual massage rarely has the same weight.

So, What Is an Adult Massage?

Erotic and sensual massages, as well as tantric therapy, are all viewed as forms of adult massage.

The reasoning behind this is they all seek to evoke sexual arousal and a more than platonic intimacy.

While you might only see adults getting a deep tissue massage to relax those muscles, it's plausible for any age group to seek a spa massage. An adult massage, however, is reserved for those who have a build-up of stress, tension and sexual frustration. These massages — physically or spiritually — work to bring about release. Plus, both the giver and receivers of adult massage benefit from the session as they form a close bond in privacy.

In short, what makes an adult massage so "adult" is the nature of the contact.

Of course, we vouch for tantric massage over any other type of adult service. This type of massage doesn't happen in a massage parlour but in the comfort of your home — or the home of your masseuse. The health and wellbeing benefits far outweigh that of a quick encounter allowing you to enter a new state of mind and make permanent improvements to your life. 

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