Enter the world of Tantra and discover the hidden pleasures of a tantric session.

Tantra is misunderstood by many. While some think it’s all about tantric sex, others believe it to be a purely meditative or yogic practice that’s only enjoyed by a spiritual (and flexible) few. Neither tells the whole story.

Some aspects of a tantric session centre on physical characteristics like touching and, of course, massaging, but there’s a significant focus on psychological and spiritual aspects, too. When these powerful, sensual forces combine in the hands of our talented tantricas, the spell-binding, all-encompassing pleasure is out of this world.

So what is a tantric session, and how can you enjoy this mind-bending gratification?

What Is a Tantric Session?

Simply put, a tantric session is any activity involving the tantric arts. For example, a tantric massage harnesses spiritual energies to provide unparalleled clarity of thought, relaxation and erotic pleasure. At London Tantric, you can choose from several types of tantric massage to suit your needs and fulfil your wildest desires. Whatever your selection, you’re guaranteed to have a magical tantric experience.

What Happens During a Tantric Session?

Depending on the kind of massage you choose, your tantric session will differ. Still, we’ll outline a typical erotic encounter with one of our incredible tantricas so you know what to expect:

1. Setting the Scene

Ambient lighting, soothing music, the smell of essential oils… Our gorgeous tantricas are experts in creating a relaxing atmosphere. Whether you make an in-call or out-call booking, our ladies will be sure to create an environment where you feel comfortable and prepare you for the intense pleasures that unfold.

2. Getting Comfortable

Allow your masseuse to freshen up before your massage begins. If you like the idea of joining them for a warm, soapy, sensual experience, consider booking an aqua massage and enjoy a tantric session in the bath or shower. If you’ve booked any other kind of massage, our ladies will gently guide you through the massage experience once they’re ready. They’re masters at intuiting your needs, but don’t be shy about sharing your desires with your luxurious lady. Once they know what you want from the massage, they’ll be able to help you have an unforgettable tantric session.

3. Beginning the Massage

You can keep on any item of clothing so long as it’s not overly restrictive, but our masseuses do their best work if you’re naked. Lying down on the comfortable bed or massage table, your masseuse will delicately start working on your body, easing the tension from your muscles and carefully kneading your skin. This will stimulate blood flow to the areas they’re tending to, removing toxins and soothing your senses.

4. Experiencing Tantalising Pleasure

As the massage continues, your skilled masseuse will start to make things more exciting just as you’re aching for more. Our girls will tantalise and tease every inch of you with their gentle hands and soft curves. The feeling of their skin on yours will surely bring anyone to the point of ecstasy as your masseuse elevates the experience to its incredible climax.

5. The Climax

Your masseuse will allow you to experience a blissful release only after bringing you to the point of rapturous abandon over and over again. At the final moment, you’ll feel absolute euphoria. Your body, mind and spirit will be completely free as your tantric energies combine, resulting in the very pinnacle of pleasure, which lasts for what feels like forever.

6. Enjoying the Euphoria

Your masseuse will peacefully bring you back down to Earth as you float down from the dizzying heights of pure bliss. While your session may only last an hour, two hours, or as long as you want, the feeling will stay with you for much longer than the experience itself. Many of our clients find themselves in a totally rejuvenated state for days after being transported to a tantric dimension.

Booking a Tantric Session with London Tantric

Like what you’re hearing? You can have an authentic, erotic massage like no other with London Tantric. Why not peruse our gallery of gorgeous tantricas who go above and beyond to make your tantric session immensely enjoyable? Many of our clients establish a great relationship with our ladies and often choose to experience our fantastic massages with them multiple times. This can help you have an increasingly liberating experience each time you have a massage.

Speak to our friendly, discrete reception team and book a tantric session you’ll want to experience again and again today.