Tantric massage is a full body sensual massage that helps you relax, relieving yourself of emotional and physical stress, along with spiritual growth. It includes breathing with slow massaging, enabling you to explore pleasure. It is a spiritual path towards connecting mindfulness with relaxation and pleasure.

Preparation is Key

Before you experience tantric massage, there are some preparations that need to take place. This is a vulnerable type of massage and you need to be completely confident and comfortable. This means choosing the right masseuse from our gallery selection and booking an appointment for a date and time that suits you, where you will not be disturbed. It's also advisable to avoid returning to work afterwards, so you can bathe in the pleasure for a while once your session is over.

When you arrive for your appointment, you will have a consultation with your masseuse. This is very important. This helps the masseuse identify what you are comfortable doing or not doing, enabling them to customise your session to your unique needs.

Your masseuse will explain the tantric massage techniques to you, so you know exactly what to expect and there are no surprises. The aim is to have you completely relaxed before your session starts. She will ensure you know every detail. You can exclude anything that makes you uncomfortable.

It doesn't matter which of our beautiful girls you select for your tantric massage session, we will ensure it is tailored to your needs, while ensuring you are comfortable and respecting your needs. Remember, you are in complete control of your session and it's up to you what you are or are not comfortable with and what will or will not be included.

A Quick Overview of a Tantric Massage Session

You will lie on the massage table, the same as with a traditional massage. Tantric massage usually starts will you lying on your belly and through the session, you will turn over onto your back.

This is a full body massage, so it will move to your sensual places, unless you have told us you are not comfortable with that. It activates all parts of your body, involving sexual energy.

Tantric massage starts off being loving, nurturing and soothing, helping you relax and feel comfortable. Through the massage, you will become more aroused, building up sexual energy. It takes you through a journey of sexual energy, helping you discover and heal, releasing emotional and physical stress.

A Loving Touch

Tantric massage is about sensual touches, bringing your body a dimension of sexuality. It helps you rediscover yourself, while healing and feeling more alive. Every touch from the masseuse speaks to the body, helping you open up naturally.

Backed by years of experience with full training provided, our masseuse will be provide you with touches of pleasure and energy, helping you reduce stress and improve relaxation both emotionally and physically.

Tantric massage will give you what you need with the right pace and mindset. It is respectful and gives you freedom of choice. It provides you with an opportunity to relax completely and not have to worry about the outside elements that are giving you stress in your daily life.

It takes you on a journey of discovery with different sensual states being awakened. Tantric massage is very gradual, usually taking an hour and a half to complete. It starts with comforting touches and moves on to bring your body to feeling, awakening your entire body to sensuality and release.

Every part of your body is touches with respect and care. This slowly builds up the stress you have been experiencing and once build up, it is allowed to release.

Mental Wellbeing

Tantric massage for mental wellbeing

Tantric massage is more than building and releasing sensual energy, it's also about mental well being. You are guided through an emotional and mindfulness experience to ensure you connect with your sexual experience.

Depending on the type of massage you select, you may be talked through the session. This helps you connect with yourself throughout the process. It often involves breathing, focus and visualisation. It helps you bring your attention to your own healing and feelings. Every person is unique and therefore the guidance is tailored to your needs and personality, along with your comfort level if you are experiencing this massage for the first time.

The Three Techniques

This type of massage is based on three techniques, these include sound, movement and breathing. These generate an energy charge, helping you enjoy emotional release of blockages or beliefs that may be hampering you on a daily basis.

In some cases we may use all three techniques starting with breathing. We collect as much information from you as possible during your consultation. The breathing techniques continue through the session, helping you remain relaxed and comfortable.

If you are very stressed and we can see you are not comfortable, we may recommend breathing exercises or some gentle yoga poses, helping you relax your body and mind, preparing you for the session. In some cases, we may assist with meditation, helping you focus on your mind and body throughout the session. This helps you release any emotions.

The main session will have you undressed. During the massage session you will find your anxiety and stress are released. It is all done through subtle touch, acting on the body's cells, giving you new meaning.

From here we move to the genitals, this is for men and women. At this higher level of massage, subtle touch is used to bring blood flow to the genital area, providing you with a therapeutic orgasm. This helps you release memories, anxiety and stress. The aim of the massage is to expand the orgasmic sensation throughout your entire body, helping you feel as one with the world.

Is Tantric Massage Right For Me?

Man sits on bed beside partner but is lost in thought

Tantric massage has numerous health benefits, over and above helping you release anxiety, stress and depression. It combines mindfulness with sexual arousal, improving your overall health and vitality.

It is highly effective at treating sexual dysfunctions in men and women, while helping you release any blocked emotions or feelings. It offers a sense of joy, igniting your spiritual awareness and helping to clear your mind, when living a busy lifestyle. It promotes relaxation and reduces stress.

Are you ready to try something special? Are you stressed in our fast paced environment and need to relieve your emotional and physical stress? Tantric massage may be the solution you are looking for. 

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