A tantric massage is an experience of the senses. It’s a journey of healing that begins with accepting one’s own sexuality and need to experience pleasure both physically and spiritually. Massages are typically an hour or an hour and a half long and consist in alternating phases of quiet and active periods. During the active periods the masseuse will stimulate the client’s body with both her sensuous hands and her own body. This is done in intervals to achieve a state of mental awareness of all the senses. Once this is done, however, to avoid losing the energy all at once the masseuse guides the client through a guided breathing meditation.

Getting a tantric massage in London is easy if you access the London Tantric website. Here you will learn of different kinds of massages you can book. This includes the much requested Nuru massage and a bathing ritual massage too. All of our masseuses are highly trained in the art of sensual energy stimulation and will be more than willing to accommodate any concern you may have. Feeling sensually aroused by their skilled hands is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s part of the massage but this is not simply an erotic experience but a much deeper sensual one. The needs of the client to feel sensually awoken are met through the ancient arts of mediation and physical stimulation.

Jumping into this experience only takes a bit of bravery and a healthy curiosity to explore the depths of your own desires. The gentle gliding of hands across your skin has healing properties that go beyond simply a touch and go massage. They’re done slowly, with care and consideration. It’s a true worship of the male form by the female who’s eager and ready to please your virility and most secret desires. Only through tantric massages can you find the true heights you can bring your body to.