Essentials In Tantric Sex and how to make the most out of them

Your sex life should be exciting, fulfilling and a way to connect with your partner on a deeper level. If this isn’t resonating with you, then looking into new practices in the bedroom may help you maintain a healthy sex life. Tantric sex is the perfect way to get rid of performance anxiety, insecurities and any other issues blocking you from having the sexual experiences that you truly deserve. It can include many levels, from enhanced foreplay through techniques like an aqua massage, to specific positions and breathing techniques to try during intercourse. Sounds like something you want to try? Continue reading for our essentials in tantric sex. 

But First, What Is Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex is a sexual practice that is a part of the ancient form of spirituality called tantra. It’s a slow, meditative way of having sex where the end goal is to connect with your partner and enjoy the physical and spiritual sensations rather than orgasm. It starts with foreplay; the beautiful art can begin via a tantric massage or any form of sensual massage with your partner or alone. Having a tantric massage with your partner can create the perfect sensual atmosphere to practice tantric intercourse. Enjoying an erotic massage alone will make you feel more in touch with your own body, so both are perfect as a starting point.

Sensual Energy

To achieve the art of tantric sex, a sensual atmosphere and energy must be present between you and your partner. If you’re struggling with this, starting with light foreplay, like an aqua massage, will help you and your partner arouse each other with steamy and soapy water running over your bodies. Once your sensual energy is there, you can begin to learn to discipline your mind and breathing during sex and move your sexual energy around your body. When you’ve mastered how to move it, you can discover what parts of your body benefit the most from having your erotic energy sent there. By taking the time to slow down and stay in control of your breathing, you’ll learn to take your pleasure to new levels for you and your partner. This will help connect you and your partner during not only your sex life but your everyday life as well. Harnessing your sensual energy and using it properly will add life to your bedroom practices whilst creating a healthy, trusting bond between you both. 


Part of the beauty of sexual intercourse can be staying in the moment and being spontaneous, which, of course, we support. However, when engaging, setting an intention for what you’d like to get out of your experience on a personal and relationship level helps you achieve this. Our intention quite literally creates our reality and experience; establishing this before sex ensures your deepest desire is more likely to be completed. The power of what you get out of these experiences is in your hands; you can go any way you choose, but to help you get there, you must have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. Manifestation is a powerful spiritual tool, and tantric sex derives from the spiritual mediation form of tantra. Your sexual power is there to harness in any way you want; manifesting these dreams will make it more likely you can achieve them. 


Your Tantric sex can, of course, have the intention to create more intimacy between you and your partner. However, to get the full benefits of it, there must be intimacy to build upon. This definitely does not mean you can’t ever engage in it if there’s a complete lack of intimacy within your sexual partnership. You can simply build this up slowly before you begin practising it. Building up intimacy can be achieved by simply spending time with your partner, talking about what you’d like to get out of your sexual experiences and starting foreplay with the intention of creating more intimacy. Taking a shower or bath together and incorporating aqua massage can arouse both of you in a more vulnerable and intimate setting. Or perhaps you’d like to get a professional couple's sensual massage. You can also begin with very slow kissing and touching with no intention of intercourse to build on your connection. Intimacy is key as it can allow people to feel more pleasure as they feel safe enough to feel truly experience all the sensations flowing around their body. 


Tantric sex stems from tantra, which uses meditation and mindfulness as 
techniques to ground your body. These two techniques are also deeply rooted. Mindfulness and meditation give you the tools to have discipline over your body and breathing. As we previously mentioned, having control over these can lead to you being able to send your erotic energy around your body, so it’s all interconnected. Mindfulness lays the groundwork for you to really feel the pleasure and to help you slow down, which is the main principle of tantric sex. Having control over your breathing can also allow you to synchronise your breathing with your partner. This will intensify the connection you feel between you both.

It can take your sex life to new levels of pleasure, discovery and satisfaction within your partnership. It can seem daunting at the beginning, but breaking it into smaller components can make it more manageable. Starting with more intention-based foreplay, showering or bathing with your partner for an aqua massage, and practising mindfulness are all starting points for tantric massage. In fact, we’d encourage you to take it in slowly in steps, as it’s based on enjoying pleasure gradually. Explore your sexual power and harness it!