Massage candles have been popularly used to enhance muscle relaxation and invoke a more sensual side to massages. 

Let us think for a moment; you've had a long day and finally reached your massage appointment. You step into the room and are met with the sweet smell of essential oils roaming in the air, giving you an aromatherapy feeling. Then your masseuse uses her expertise to take you on a sensual journey with the help of a massage candle - sounds like a dream, right? 

Candles have been used for many different things over the centuries. Whether for general use throughout the home, for religious reasons or for self-use. But it's important to note that not all candles are massage candles. So when purchasing a candle, remember that it must state that it can be used for that reason. Otherwise, you'll just be pouring hot wax onto your recipient's body, and we can assure you that is not what you want - unless that stimulates you, then why not! However, unless used safely, you risk being burnt by the hot wax, which we do not recommend. 

But what are massage candles exactly?

Massage candles are usually formulated from soy wax or beeswax and generally blended with either cocoa or shea butter. Plus, they usually include various essential oils for aromatherapy benefits. All of these can be decided when shopping for your perfect massage candles. Massage candles shouldn't irritate your skin unless you have allergies to soy, so be sure to get this checked if so! These candles are a great way to encourage your muscles to relax, especially when needing melted oils into your skin. 

Regular Candles vs Massage Candles

Several differences between regular and massage candles allow us to refer to them as cousins who share a resemblance but are quite different in personality. Both regular and massage candles offer a pretty aesthetic and scented smell whilst giving the space a soft glow with their burning flame. Both can be used to set the mood, create a zen environment, influence rest and more. 

Regular candles are normally made from paraffin wax, but they can be formulated from soy wax, beeswax, and coconut wax. However paraffin wax is the cheaper option, but it is considered not to be eco-friendly. Regular candles are best used when situated around the home for everyday use. They burn at a much hotter rate and melt down into wax rather than oil; if you use the melted wax on your skin, you risk causing severe burns.

Massage candles are made from various products, such as soy or beeswax, mixed with essential oils. The formula makes the candle meltdown at a lower temperature, forming an oil rather than just hot wax. These candles can be used directly on the skin without the risk of burns as it burns to a more comfortable temperature than a regular candle would. The essential oils used will likely offer a different sensation or benefit depending on the ingredients. Massage candles typically come with a pouring spout to make the oil accessible and easier for all relaxing rituals, such as a Nuru Massage

Note that massage oils are not a safe lubricant - so keep the oils strictly to your skin!

How to use massage candles safely

Although massage candles are for use on the skin, there are still precautions you should take before leading into the more sensual part of your massage - we promise it'll all be worth it!

First, you will want to ensure there is about 2cm worth of melted oil on the top of your candle before pouring - you may need more depending on how much of the body you're covering. We always think, the more, the wetter… sorry, better!

Then, you're going to want to ensure you have regulated the oil's temperature, which can be done by blowing the flame out and allowing the oil to sit and cool to your preferred temperature. 

Introduce massage candles into your bedroom

Introducing massage candles into the bedroom is a great accessory to initiate a longer form of foreplay whilst also offering you the chance to experience something new. Adding massage candles to what is to become a sexual journey between two people creates an intentional, intimate setting. Burning a massage candle with essential oils in this setting will also give you the aromatherapy benefits of boosting the mood before and during intimacy - and that's just the scent. 

If you or your partner struggle to reach climax due to overthinking, using the oils from these candles to massage your partner will create a relaxed and sensual setting that should help them orgasm. As it calms the body and increases circulation, the length of the massage, which will ultimately work as foreplay time, should encourage you or your partner to feel as though they can let go. 

To Conclude

Massage candles are a great accessory to elevate all massages; they can turn the simplest massage into a more sensual one or help to relieve problem areas with much more ease. If you've not experienced using a massage candle, we highly recommend you give it a go. It'll be an experience that you'll never forget! 

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