Winter in London can make some of us feel a little tired and in need of some pampering. Fortunately we at London Tantric are here to help, with masseuses based throughout central London from Marylebone to Chelsea, to help you rekindle some passion for city living. 

In this week's blog, we explore warming techniques to help banish those winter blues.


For those of us not jetting off for some winter sun this month, London can feel a little dull, not to mention very cold and grey! As tantric practitioners, we are always looking to regain equilibrium in our sessions, and so it should come as no surprise that during the cold winter months we like to add a little warmth to our practice.

A Warm Welcome Guaranteed

It hopefully goes without saying that all London Tantric masseuses are working from warm and welcoming incall locations, where a hot shower is available before and after your session, and where the sense of warmth and relaxation is heightened by candlelight. The tease of erotic massage is of course all about playing with sensations however, and so warmth can be further used here to enhance your enjoyment. Whether that be by introducing our partner to a new and pleasurable sensation, alternating contrasting sensations or teasing with the excitement of the unexpected, really the options are endless. And when it comes to spicing things up with warm sensations, I certainly have some favourite techniques.

Building Energy By Teasing the Senses

As tantric massage is all about building up energy, rather than rushing to completion, we begin slowly and teasingly, building up warmth in our partner’s body with our sensuous massage strokes and by using our seductive body glides to share our body’s heat and energy with theirs. During the cold months, I also always offer the option of a hot oil massage, and if my partner has opted for this then this aids relaxation of muscles too. If deep tissue or Swedish massage is something my client has opted to experience, then the energetic techniques used here will further encourage circulation and warm up the areas we work on, raising energy levels still further and rejuvenating us both.

A fun way you can tease with temperature is by gently blowing on an area you have just massaged with hot oil, the contrasting sensations serving to bring your partner’s awareness back into his body. Or why not use your warm lips against his neck or earlobe to add a further tease to one of your body glides.

Trying New Erotic Sensations 

For those of us who like our tantra a little kinkier, the sensation of hot candle wax* against the skin is a divinely teasing experience which is sure to raise the temperature whilst also making anyone with slightly submissive tendencies highly aroused. To play on this further, a blindfold may be added, or wrists and ankles bound. If I want to further heighten the arousal of my clients who enjoy dark tantra, then I may alternate these sensations with a liberal use of ice or cool water, the contrasting sensations heightening their awareness whilst also teasing them with unpredictability. Fear not however, if you prefer a more relaxing pace you will never be surprised by a tantrica with dark tantra play; remember what we enjoy most is bringing pleasure through connection, so we will always explore the areas of tantra in which our mutual pleasures meet. Of which there are sure to be many…

*using only specialist massage candles that is, so this is not one to try with the inexperienced- another reason to always choose a reputable, trained masseuse!


If you are interested in any of the techniques discussed here then feel free to ask Katie, Anna, Rachel or Holly about them when you call, and they are sure to guide you to the best masseuse and therapy to suit your desires.