There is one language we all speak: the language of touch. Sure, we might have our little nuances but, all in all, we desire to be touched. It doesn’t have to be sensually but that is also a component. Sensual touch is just as important as any other kind of touch and we all crave it just as much. Some people maybe more than others but it’s a universal language of love, connection and understanding. This is one of the most important aspects of Tantra, the art of touching and touching with purpose. It’s an art based on pleasing and being pleased, of knowing how and when to let your walls down and your natural instincts flourish. A simple touch from someone can send another person into a state of ecstatic desire. It doesn’t have to be because they desire that person sexually, but because there is love between them. 

When you book a tantric massage in London you can focus on the sensual aspect but there’s also the fact that many people simply crave the touch of another person, the knowledge that someone else is there and understands them on a human level. It’s typical to simply want to understand and be open to being loved in the physical sense of the word. Many people have grown to see touch as something negative and are actively working on breaking that idea and immersing themselves into the healing power of tantric through massages where they surrender completely to someone else within a safe environment. As they relearn the wonderful power of touch they also begin to associate it with something good, something that makes them happy.

In the end Tantra is the art of touching others, physically and psychologically. By trying tantric massages you’re taking your first steps into a journey of self-discovery and connection to all and everything around you. Your energy will begin to open and welcome others into your life without you even trying. It is the healing power of touch through Tantra.