Maybe you’re feeling adventurous or maybe your daily routine has run you down… or simply you just got caught up in internet searches and decided ‘why not?’ whatever the cause that you ended up making the decision to get a tantric massage in London is irrelevant… the point is you’ve made up your mind and maybe even booked the massage and are dying with the expectation of what’s to come. Some people say they’re nervous for their first massage but that might not be the case with you. Your blood is already pumping and you’re feeling that light headed sensation that comes with the release of your adrenaline. You’re eager, excited to get this experience going and can hardly contain yourself. As you wait you might find yourself pacing, looking at your mobile constantly wondering why time seems to go by so slowly (doesn’t it always when you’re just wanting to do something fun?). And when you finally hear the noise that signifies your masseuse has arrived you’re so ready you basically spring from your chair and open the door with crazed anticipation.

The next couple of minutes you are trying to hide your excitement but your masseuse is well aware that you’re wanting to get going… she’ll probably make you wait a little bit just to tease. Don’t worry, she’ll make up for it later. When she finally pulls you to the bedroom to get the massage started you’re wondering how long you’ll be able to go without feeling like the world is turned on its head and you do the unthinkable. The way you sink steadily into a deep state of relaxation is therefore a surprise to you, as she guides your breathing to a slow and rhythmic pace which heightens your senses and your arousal. The feeling is beyond this world… just pure unadulterated pleasure that she seems to weave with her hands and body. When the time finally came for it to be over you almost wished it hadn’t but you knew there was no way you could have kept going. The amazement settles and slowly as you drift off a bit you ask yourself why you hadn’t tried this sooner.