For those seeking an extra level of spice beyond the usual tantric massage, especially those drawn to the arts of BDSM, Dark Tantra could be the perfect experience. A tantalising add-on to any of our main massage types - particularly a body-to-body or nuru massage - Dark Tantra allows you to explore your fetishes and desires as your masseuse skillfully incorporates elements like whipping, spanking, or even foot worship to tease away your sexual tensions.

Tailor Your Experience

During a Dark Tantra massage, your specific fantasies can be seductively brought to life. Whether it's the tantalising touch of feathers, the thrilling sensation of hot candle wax, or the exhilarating crack of a whip, your masseuse will attentively cater to your every need. The powerful erotic energy created by exploring these desires with a shared love for dark tantra is truly unforgettable.

Finding Your Ideal Masseuse

The level of spice incorporated into your Dark Tantra massage depends on your individual appetite  and the connection you form with your masseuse. At London Tantric, we excel at matching you with the perfect masseuse, so don't hesitate to express your desires when making your booking - our receptionists will advise which masseuses are best suited to the experience you have in mind.

Alternatively, feel free to discuss your wishes with your chosen masseuse upon meeting. If she shares your interests, she will be more than willing to further explore the dark tantric arts with you.

The Unique Benefits of Dark Tantra

Engaging in a Dark Tantra massage offers unique benefits. It provides a judgement-free space to incorporate your fetishes into the massage, allowing you to try something new or revisit an old favourite. This private setting enables you to shed inhibitions and revel in the freedom that Dark Tantra offers.

Fulfil Your Fantasies

If you've always yearned to experience a particular fetish, such as being restrained, relinquishing control to a beautiful woman, or feeling the warmth of hot wax during a nude massage, Dark Tantra grants you the opportunity to pursue these fantasies. Each Dark Tantra massage is a unique journey—simply breathe, relax, and enjoy as your beautiful, fully trained masseuse brings your wildest dreams to life, creating an unforgettable experience.


Indulge in the sensual delights of Dark Tantra massage and unlock a world of erotic exploration. Let your fantasies run wild as you surrender to the skilled touch of your masseuse - book your session today!

Sara xx