From massage parlours in Japan to the streets of cosmopolitan London — everyone is talking about Nuru massage. A recent survey found that 40% of men have visited a massage therapist in the last six months, while more and more women are opening themselves up to the experience, too. There’s no doubt that the ancient art of Nuru massage is the hottest, most titillating experience around.

Sensual and erotic, tantalizing and utterly unforgettable — it’s not hard to see why its popularity is increasing. In this post, we take a look at some of the surprising benefits of Nuru massage and why so many people can’t get enough of it.


What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a unique form of erotic massage that finds its origins in Japan. But what makes Nuru massage so unique? Well, it all comes down to the gel. In Japanese, the word “nuru” translates as “slippery”. The entire Nuru experience is centred around the slick and masterful use of the gel.

The special Nuru gel is a colourless, odourless gel made from an ancient recipe consisting of an extract of Nori seaweed found on the coast of Japan, mixed with other skin-boosting ingredients such as aloe vera, grapefruit extract, and other botanicals. The result? A slippery, slidey and undeniable slick gel with a whole host of sensual and health benefits.

This gel is slathered over the entire body of both the masseuse and the client. The masseuse then uses their body to massage the client, using their gorgeous curves to tease and tantalize the client’s body. The Nuru gel allows for minimum friction and so allows the masseuse to slip and slide over the client’s body in an elegant and exotic display of strength and flexibility. No more traditional massage stances here — Nuru massage encourages the masseuse to get creative with their body in a way that’s totally intoxicating.


5 Surprising Benefits of Nuru Massage

Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, Nuru massage is an intimate body to body massage that makes a difference. The best part? Nuru massage has a whole host of amazing benefits for your sexual health and your general sense of wellbeing. In fact, in Japanese culture, the Nuru massage is considered to be a form of a spiritual journey that is capable of adjusting a vast range of imbalances in your life.

Here are our top five benefits of Nuru massage that help to make this form of massage one of the most popular around!  


1. Boosts Sensuality

Whatever your gender or sexual preference, Nuru massage is an intense and thrilling way to stimulate your sexual energy. Not only does the incredible sensation of a beautiful body writhing above yours feel great, but it also pushes you to experience greater intimacy in other areas of your life. As you abandon yourself to pleasure, you open yourself up in a way that will be felt through your other relationships both sexual and otherwise.

So if you suffer from sexual frustration or have issues getting intimate, this is the massage for you. Deeply erotic and intensely intimate, the Nuru massage incorporates tantric techniques to bring you to the very edge of climax and back again — in a deliciously indulgent process of mind-blowing sensuality.


2. Reduces Stress

Our lives are stressful. Everything from the daily commute to deadlines at work, financial budgeting to family time, can leave us feeling as though we’ve been pulled in a million directions. And stress can have some serious implications on our health.

The gentle and soothing strokes of a Nuru massage are the perfect tonic to fight stress. Massage is proven to decrease cortisol — the stress hormone — so as the masseuse glides across your body, not only do your muscles relax but also your mind. In a recent study, they found that 83% of people who tried Nuru massage reported significant improvements in their mental wellbeing after the session.


3. Eases Muscle Tension

Whether you play sports, endure physical labour or have a crick in your neck from hours sat in front of the computer, a Nuru massage will help to ease tense muscles. As with other forms of massage, Nuru massages teases out knots in your muscles to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. By moving your muscles in a multi-directional way, both longitudinally and laterally, Nuru massage also helps to improve your flexibility, posture and muscular-skeletal structure. It’s a truly indulgent way of unwinding and letting go of aches and pains.


4. Tackles Toxins

We live in a toxic world full of pollution and contaminants that can leave you feeling worn down and burnt out. Although difficult to spot and impossible to avoid, the constant bombardment of toxins can have devastating effects on your overall health and wellbeing. The ancient techniques used in Nuru massage helps to eliminate toxins from the body and restore your body’s natural balance.


5. Improves Circulation

Have you lost the flow? Fully functioning circulation is integral to your body’s health. Not only does good circulation decrease your chances of developing heart problems or experiencing a stroke, but it also keeps you looking your best. The kneading and rolling of body on top of body in Nuru massage is proven to help break down fatty deposits and to keep your blood circulation flowing around your body at its optimum.

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