The Power of Pranayama


Tantric Massage and the power of pranayama


What is your favourite part of a Tantric massage? The stunning masseuse who teases and tantalises your body with her mysterious allure and sensual secrets? The luxurious oils that lubricate the body and pamper with their healing and replenishing properties to keep your skin sleek and soft? The delicate lighting that eases you into a state of complete and utter relaxation? There are so many elements that contribute to the otherworldly experience of Tantric massage, but have you ever thought about the role of breath in your tantric experiences?


Breathing may be an automatic biological process, but it’s also the basis of tantric pleasure, and it has some pretty surprising benefits for the eroticism of a tantric massage and your ongoing sexual experiences. Take a deep breath because, in this post, we’re going to show you how and why to harness your breath through pranayama for heightened sexual pleasure.


What Is Pranayama?


When we talk about breath in tantra, we don’t just mean inhaling and exhaling as you normally do; we’re talking about pranayama. Pranayama is the art of breathing with intention, in a way that is more profound and active than your normal breath. The name pranayama has its origins in Sanskrit and means “to harness the wind”. The point is to channel the life, energy and vitality from the air into our physical bodies.


Not only does pranayama breathing encourage you to connect with your environment, your masseuse and your experiences on a deeper and more mindful level, but it also helps you to reconnect with yourself. All too many of us struggle with the stresses of daily life and are burdened with never-ending thoughts, fears and worries. Pranayama is designed to help quell those thoughts. By focusing your attention on your breath, and slowly inhaling and exhaling, the heaviness of your thoughts will melt away, allowing you to indulge fully in the sensual experiences of tantric massage.


At London Tantric, our exclusive and highly trained masseuses are skilled in the art of pranayama. During your tantric experience, they will masterfully guide your breathing, while also attuning their breath to yours so that your energies can flow together. There’s no need to practice beforehand, but we promise that you’ll want to take this skill home with you!


The Sexual Benefits of Pranayama


Breathing may not sound sexy, but don’t underestimate the power of breath. In the ancient and erotic tantra spirituality, everything is connected to breathing. Breath is used to reignite sexual energies and guide them through your body in ways that awaken your sensuality and increase pleasure. By matching your breath with another, you can become connected on a deeper tantric level — with each inhale and exhale, you become more bonded to each other and enraptured in the sexual energy you’re creating.


What could be more pleasurable than feeling the breath of your masseuse rise and fall in erotic pleasure as she stimulates your body and caresses your skin? Not only will it feel amazing at the time, but you can apply the same techniques to your own personal life to feel more present in the moment, unburdened with negative thoughts, and more open to connection and sexual release. The more you practice, the easier it will be.


To discover the power of pranayama for yourself, book your own tantric massage with one of our expert and exclusive London Tantric Masseuses.