Having focussed in recent weeks on how a tantric masseuse prepares for delivering a pampering sensual massage sessio, and what a session will likley consist of, this week blogger Rose Colette Aston turns her attention to the ending of the massage and how she gently guides her massage partner to a deeply satisfying and nurturing ending.


Heightened Sensual Awareness Brings Vulnerability

During a truly passionate and sensual tantric massage, you are sure to experience physical sensations and pleasures which can be accompanied by a range of emotions. You may feel deep relaxation, or a stronger sense of connection to your masseuse and indeed to your own desires, or spiritually rejuvenated, or a combination of all three of these plus many more possible emotions. After a good tantric session we can also be a little vulnerable, and likely this comes as a welcome relief- we have after all encountered a sublimely sensual experience in which our worldly cares and obligations have dropped away, allowing us to be a truer, less guarded version of ourselves.


Enjoying the Sensual Afterglow of Tantric Connection

For this reason, a true tantrica will never just end the session as soon as the massage ends. Rather she will enjoy the afterglow of your mutual erotic connection by laying or sitting with you and closing the session out with sensual caresses and techniques which encourage you to dwell in the beauty of the present moment of this deep relaxation a little longer. Your masseuse will intuit how you may like to close the session based on the sensual adventures you have experienced together during the massage, though she will also welcome your suggestions if there is something in particular you wish to experience.


Maintaining A Connection To Shared Sensual Energies

Amongst my favourite ways to close out the session are a repeat of the heart chakra connection in a laying down position, which allows for connection and the sensation of being cradled, which can be both powerful and nurturing; or revisiting pranayama techniques together which allows us to inhabit this feeling of stillness where we are anchored to the bliss of this present moment together. Visualisation techniques can also be used, and these can be particularly poignant if they follow on from visualisations explored at the opening of the session.

In this way, we close out our time together in a caring, focused, sensual and unhurried manner. And hopefully we part ways with a desire to continue our erotic adventures together very soon.


Would you like to expereince a session ending using any of the methods described here? Do feel free to let your telephone receptionist know your preferences when you call so we can recommend the best masseuse and therapy for you. Alternativel, if you know the masseuse you'd like to meet, you're welcome to complete our Booking Form and we will email you back.