It is said that 9000 years ago, in the Himalayan Mountains, is when Tantra was born. In ancient legend, the goddess Shiva herself was the one to come down from the heavens and bestow upon humanity the knowledge to achieve great things through the movement and understanding of our sensual energy. This was incredible due to the fact that Shiva was actually female and the true power of sensuality, then, takes female form. In tantric massages the female is the lead and she allows the man to surrender to her divine femininity. In today’s world the great arts of Tantra have been taken out of the East, carried in the hearts of many tantric goddess travelers and now they serve as a way of healing and inner discovery throughout all four corners of the globe.  During a Tantric sensual massage, a man will be at the will of a woman and this will allow him to experience orgasmic emotions and heightened pleasure. 

Through this practice we are able to revive the ancient thought that women are actually the ones who lead the sensual and sexual role, a role that has been heretofore deeply associated with males. Tantra seeks to remove those ideals and simply allow women to take their rightful place in life. They are the goddesses that control sensuality and men are more of a vessel that needs this divine energy. It is then when both energies combine and bring forth the true meditative aspects of this ancient art form.

Enjoying this ancient art form is now easier than ever. All you need is internet access and a phone so you can verify your information and confirm a booking with our friendly team, all of whom are passionate about providing a sensual, pampering experience of the highest standards. The benefits of this are endless and you’ll soon learn to not fear and cower at the idea of your own body as a sensual being. That is part of the healing power of Tantra.