Last week our resident tantric expert, Rose Colette Aston, explored how the session begins for a tantrica before her client even arrives, as she sets the scene for your erotic adventures together. In her next two blogs Rose looks at techniques which tantric masseuses use at the start of your massage, in order to relax your body and mind, and to connect with you on a more intuitive level, as it is the initial stages of the session in which we lay the foundations for the sensual delights to unfold.


Long Term Arousal, Not Quick Fix Gratification

One of my favourite quotes about tantra, taken from an ancient scripture, is ‘at the start of sexual union, keep attention on the fire in the beginning, and, so continuing, avoid the embers in the end’[1] This reminds us that it is from the ground work at the start of our sessions that our erotic adventures are able to unfold, as these techniques focus our energies enough so we can maintain our arousal levels for longer, by focusing on the longevity of our own and our partner’s arousal, rather than short term gratification.


Preparing To Receive Greater Tantric Massage Peasure 

The aim at the start of the session is to psychically clear our energy so that we may be present in the moment with our massage partner, able to both give and receive pleasure.  Tantric massage is a space within which we can drop all of our other cares and indulge our more sensual selves, the lover inside us who tends to be easily repressed amidst life’s many responsibilities. This is a time we set aside to pamper ourselves spiritually as well as physically, and so it makes sense to begin by gathering what is spiritually important to us. For this, tantric masseuses often ask you to visualize yourself in a place which makes you feel happy and relaxed. An alternate take on this may be to guide the client to conjure a sense of a higher power, that is to say something which they value deeply as a creative energy in their lives- whether this is a god, the beauty of nature, an artistic pursuit, familial love- or whatever else truly sits at the centre of that person’s universe. By bringing this into focus it allows our creative energy to flow,  making us more receptive to receiving pleasure.


Techniques To Heighten Sensual Pleasure 

Hand balancing is a traditional technique to balance our energies, and is often used to balance masculine and feminine energies, though can also be used to bring into balance our sensual energies, which for so many of us are to often neglected during our hectic lives. So by sitting opposite our partner, in the lotus position or kneeling, we hold our sensual energies in our left hand with palm upturned, placing our partner’s right hand which holds their non sensual energies over our left hand; and we do likewise in reverse on the other side. In this way we let our energies flow, sharing our anxieties in order to let go of their burden, whilst simultaneously connecting our sensual energies so that we may explore these together.

Other joyous techniques include pranayama, heart chakra greetings and exercises which gently prepare us to receive sensual touch. These we will explore in more depth next time.


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[1] Vigyan Bhairava, Zen Flesh, Zen Bones- transcribed by Paul Reps