Intimacy is important for many relationships however when it comes to showing affection in public, many couples can feel hesitant to avoid embarrassment and judgement. Most people will experience intimate moments with partners, so why shouldn’t we be able to have them in public? 

Give Them A Massage

There are of course some places where a massage may be a little inconvenient or inappropriate however if you are relaxing on a beach or having a picnic in your local green space. Then, a gentle Indian head massage for your partner will relax them and intimately connect you. Gently massaging your spouse's head and neck will ease tension and create a sense of closeness whilst being out in public. An Indian head massage is also a simple but effective way to show your partner that you care about their well-being and want them to feel loved and comfortable.

Whisper In Their Ear

Whispering something romantic or sensual to your partner is a fun, flirty way to get the chemistry sparks flying while you're out in public. This could be a flirty comment, speaking softly to create a sense of closeness or you could mention the fun you plan to have later! The best part about this is you can do it almost anywhere, in a crowded venue, at a bar or when you're having dinner at a fancy restaurant to add an element of excitement to your monthly date night.

Share Food

Feeding your partner a bite of your food to try during a meal or asking them to taste one of your favourite desserts is another way to show attentiveness without being too overt. Sharing with a spouse is a way to build connections and show you think about their likes and dislikes. This act can be done whenever you have food out in a restaurant or even on days you get food on the go!

Hold Hands

A simple, effective gesture you could use that can create an intimate bond between you and your partner when you're out and about is holding hands. Holding hands can create a flirty physical connection between you and shows affection without being too apparent. Holding hands in a public setting is a lovely way to show your partner you are proud to be in a relationship with them and creates a sense of togetherness.

Eye Contact

Locking eyes across the room or when you are out in public can build an intense sense of desire. It is a flirtatious way to communicate with one another without using words, showing your partner that you are present, engaged and that they have your attention. Whether you're standing across from each other in a busy venue, sitting next to them on public transport or are out with a group of friends for the evening, eye contact is a subtle, secretive way to turn your partner on in public without people around you being aware!

Subtle Touches

Subtle touches can go a long way! A simple brush of the hand, touch on the arm or hand resting on the knee are all subtle ways to physically touch your partner within the boundaries of being in a public setting. These small gestures communicate your desire to your partner and can make them aware that they are wanted. Be careful not to make these touches too obvious or inappropriate for the public, a way to do this is by playing footsie under the table at dinner or holding and stroking their hand as you walk down the street. Remember this is about finding what works for you and your partner, communicating your affection and desires in a way that is comfortable for you both.

Text Them

Texting your partner can be a discreet yet effective way to turn them on in public. Sending a suggestive message or flirty text whilst your partner is running errands or you're at a dinner with friends can create anticipation and excitement for when you are both alone. Be careful not to be too explicit with this especially if they are surrounded by others that could potentially see. You could use emojis or subtle language to communicate making it fun and playful. It is important to respect your partner's boundaries and have a clear understanding of when it is acceptable to send these types of messages, as you do not want to have the opposite effect and interrupt them at the wrong time!

Overall, there are many ways to turn your partner on in public that are subtle, respectful and appropriate. Remember that everyone has different boundaries so what works for you may not be best for your partner, it is essential to communicate with them beforehand to ensure you only do things they are comfortable with. By exploring these secret ways to turn on your partner in public you will keep your relationship exciting and fulfilling. Creating this anticipation and fun can build the connection and intimacy between you both and create memorable moments you will both look back at together.