Welcome to the world of erotic podcasts where questions, fantasies and imagination come to life through narration and storytelling featuring all things passion, intimacy, orientation, kinks, and educational content. Prepare to listen to people's sex problems, curiosities and desires while unlocking and better understanding more about your preferences, sex life and how to build better connections. There are hundreds of podcasts covering content including how to understand your sexual orientation, and when to leave your toxic relationship so if you seek steamy encounters, escape from a 'vanilla' life or places where pleasure has no bounds listening to intimate, erotic podcasts might be for you. Here's a guide to the best erotic podcasts in 2023.

Sex Out Loud

Hosted by filmmaker, sex educator, public speaker and author Tristan Taormino 'Sex Out Loud' is an open discussion about sexuality in all its forms. With guest speakers including adult film stars, authors and sex workers, this podcast opens the eyes of many interested in the various aspects of sexuality and sex.

Savage Lovecast

One of the most popular podcasts for sex and relationships, Savage Lovecast is hosted by Dan Savage. Weekly episodes feature a Q+A as Dan answers his listener's burning questions on sexual relationships, connection and love. It is an insightful, fun listen that you should be adding to your playlist.

Probably True

This podcast, hosted by the brilliantly honest Scott Flashheart, discusses everything fun, entertaining and educational within the LGBTQIA+ space. It's everything you could look for in a podcast. Scott's content takes on an amusing yet charming approach to open our eyes to what's happening in the community.

Dirty Diana

Looking for some unapologetically sexy stories from women about their erotic experiences? Dirty Diana follows a woman, voiced by the much-loved actress Demi Moore during her sexless marriage looking for an escape. Other famous voices confess the sex lives of others submitted via a website embracing the pleasures of female sexual desire.

Where Should We Begin?

This must-listen podcast by Esther Perel allows listeners to become the fly on the wall during the therapy session for some real-life couples. For anyone intrigued by the world of sexual relationships and romantic connection, 'Where Should We Begin?' is an insightful, sexy and honest look into monogamy.


Have you ever read fanfiction? If so, this one is for you. Fangasm offers weekly episodes and follows popular tv shows and movies, bringing the steamy, flirty and thrilling fan fiction straight to your ears. With episodes featuring Harry Potter, The Office and more world-famous characters, you can sit back and imagine the sexy fantasies you once had with your favourite fictional characters.

Dying For Sex

This listen is based on the life story of Molly, who is host Nikki Boyers closest friend, sadly diagnosed with terminal cancer. Molly uses this diagnosis to change her views on life, including her sex life. These 45-minute episodes discuss the honest heavy subjects of life and death while looking into the fun of having kinkier sex. An insightful, inspiring approach to living life to the fullest, building a deeper-rooted connection to your body and sexuality.

Turn Me On

Jeramie and Bryde are a married couple who also identify as polyamorous. In weekly episodes, the couple speaks on this taboo sexual setup, looking closer at dating apps, kinks, bedroom antics and more. The perfect podcast to listen to to discover what life is like for a polyamorous couple.

Girls On Porn

We have book and movie reviews, but have you ever seen a porn review? Probably not until now! The Girls On Porn podcast covers all you need to hear about porn while promoting its benefits. The hosts of this fabulous podcast give us weekly reviews on the most searched and popular porn at the time while breaking down the stigma.

Polyamory Weekly

Are you looking to learn more about polyamory and the highs, lows and lifestyle that comes hand-in-hand with being in more than one relationship? In this podcast, Minx and their listeners discuss all aspects of having long-term, loving relationships with multiple people with consent from all those involved. Diving into the sex, relationships, erotica, psychology, orgasms, family opinions and everything in between!

In conclusion, erotic podcasts are an insightful, educational and thrilling way to explore sensuality and engage in adult content. Through the power of audio storytelling, conversations about kinks, consent and answering the most asked sexy questions, they can help create a community of people that embrace their sexual desires and preferences and work towards making sex less taboo. On top of that, remember that there is life when the podcast finishes, so why not indulge in an Indian Head Massage? Whether you are seeking to escape, educate or just laugh out loud, erotic podcasts are something everyone should be embracing.