By teasing the senses, we are able to connect more intimately with the present moment, by becoming more in tune with our bodies, which in turn heightens both our physical pleasure and our spiritual experience of the session.

Because our senses are a wonderful portal to our pleasure, they always play a key role in a tantric session. 

Touch is perhaps the most obvious sense which comes to mind when we think of massage, and of course the techniques we can use here are infinite.

It’s important to always use our touch with purpose- slow and sweeping strokes for relaxation and to enhance slow, deep breathing; invigorating, deep tissue techniques to raise the heart rate and replenish the body and mind; teasing strokes which oh so nearly touch more intimate areas in order to build up arousal; a brush of lips on their neck or breasts against their back to raise the sensual energy still higher…

As tantra practitioners, when we touch our partners we always connect mentally with our touch and consider how our partner is experiencing it, rather than simply carrying out a routine of various massage strokes. As with everything else we do during the session, how we touch is unique to our chemistry with that partner and even to that individual session. 

Using warmth in our touch also aids relaxation and eases muscle tension, but again the sensation also reconnects us to the present moment, allowing us to commune with our bodies and go deeper into our enjoyment of the sensual pleasures of the session.

Enjoyable ways to incorporate warmth into the session are warming oils; beginning with a steamy aqua massage; laying a warmed towel over the body after the massage to allow your partner to bathe in the afterglow of the session without getting cold; and, for the more adventurous, dripping a hot massage candle teasingly across the back before smoothing its warm oil into the skin.

I’ve also always enjoyed playing with sensory deprivation in my sessions with partners who like their tantra a little darker. Afterall, for some of us, the withholding of that we desire can be as tantalizing as that ecstatic moment when we finally receive it. Using a blindfold can heighten arousal, especially when coupled with teasing parts of the body with caresses, light kisses, or even feathers and light spanks, none of which you get to see coming, as you lay there anticipating what you may be aroused by next…

The use of headphones can act as an alluring sensory deprivation whilst also giving the added benefit of transporting your partner to a more pleasurable level with your choice of music. Given that you are completely in control of what they are hearing, this can be a very exciting power play for both of you and allows you to change the mood of the session easily by taking them on a sensual journey with what they are hearing as well as all the other mind-blowingly erotic sensations their body is encountering

Really the options are as endless as your imagination…. Happy adventures…

Rose xxx