Meditation in tantric massages is not as uncommon as you might think. In fact the entire act of a tantric massage can be considered a form of meditation. But the more common idea of meditation, sitting  in stillness to focus the mind, can also be added to your massage and also be a profound thing to experience with your masseuse. Your tantrica will often inevitably surprise you with her sensual techniques but here are some of common ways tantric masseuses will include a bit of meditation during your session.

At the beginning: It’s common for a masseuse to get into a comfortable position in front of you where you two can meditate. Where her legs fall or how she makes sure to keep contact with you can vary from her thighs resting on top of yours, to her hands holding yours in a gentle squeeze or her bare chest pressed against your back. Your eyes will be closed but your skin will be able to feel her closeness and this way you can start getting used to her body against yours. You will meditate with her guidance, to slow your breathing and become more present, before beginning the massage. intuitively guiding you through a sensual  body to body experience.

At the end: After your massage, you may feel like your breathing is out of control and your body is so hot from all the released energy that you might enjoy a bit of meditation that will help your heart become steadier and also your muscles to relax come back to life after the relaxation you’ve just experienced. This is also a good time to think on the massage again and find the places where you most learned something, where your sensual energies connected with her’s, your favourite sensations and things you would like to work on in future together. Your masseuse will make sure to, once again, keep your body close to avoid you completely cooling down, so that you may enjoy the afterglow together, should you wish this. 

Rose xxx