Tantric massage is an intensely erotic, spiritual and sensual practice. Originally conceived as a way of rebalancing the energy within the body and awakening the mind and the nine chakras — the intense orgasmic pleasure is also a very welcome bonus. Whether you’re looking to reset your mind, ease your aches and pains, or simply indulge in the curves of a beautiful, skilled woman, you can’t go wrong with a tantric massage.

But as with everything new, taking the first step can be a little intimidating. You may be worried about how you book your massage or choose your perfect masseuse — or at what point to disrobe. But at London Tantric, we’re committed to ensuring that your experience is the most relaxing, indulgent and stimulating possible.

In this post, we break down exactly what to expect from your first tantric massage — so you know exactly what you’re signing up for.


Booking Your Appointment

London Tantric is the hottest spot to explore your sensual and spiritual body. With the most beautiful and most highly-trained masseuses, London Tantric is committed to ensuring that all of our girls have the deepest knowledge and understanding of this sacred and sensual ritual so you can rest assured that your masseuse will deliver the best experience possible. To find the perfect fit, browse our gallery of beautiful masseuses and make your selection.

Booking your tantric massage with London Tantric couldn’t be easier. You can book between the hours of 10 am and 1 pm every day. We can happily arrange both last minute and advanced bookings and can provide both incalls at luxury London apartments or Central London outcalls throughout zone 1.


The Prelude

No two massages are the same. After all, you have your own individual needs, desires and wants. And our tantric masseuses are all masters of the erotic arts with one goal — to deliver you into complete and utter blissful abandon.

Before your session starts, you will have a few minutes to talk about what you want to experience; the sensations and the relief you’re after. Talking with your masseuse not only helps her to tailor-make your experience, but it also allows for any last minute nerves to slowly melt away. Our masseuses are devoted to the art of drawing out positive energies and removing all negative feelings so that you can enter into a state of complete tranquillity and sensual openness.


The Massage

Once you’re both comfortable, your masseuse will slowly disrobe you and then herself, revealing her incredible curves. Naked massages are designed to take time; to encourage the senses without a sense of rush or urgency. As you watch your gorgeous masseuse teasingly disrobe, you will have time to switch off your mind, let go of the stresses and strains of everyday life and to focus completely on the movement, touch, breath and sensations that she delivers.

Your tantric massage will begin with long and purposeful breath, called pranayama breathing, which will enable you to fall into the rhythm of the session and bind you and your masseuse in an intimate experience. A tantric massage isn’t about a quick release — it’s about the journey of pure stress relieving sensual indulgence.

Once you’re both synced, your masseuse will start with long, flowing strokes that warm up your body and bring you gently into erotic arousal. Starting slowly, teasing out the stress delicately, your masseuse will gradually increase the pressure, pace and rhythm and apply more intense touches until your whole body vibrates with pleasure.


The Climax

A tantric massage weaves you through intoxicating levels of arousal and erotic pleasure, to an incredible, earth-shattering culmination. This is the moment where all of the powerful sexual energies channelled by the massage are finally released.

Your climax will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced; a transcendent release of pressure, stress and sexual energy that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and completely embraced in bliss.

After a few minutes indulging in the moment, you will leave feeling intensely pleasured and ready to book in for another session!


Book your first tantric massage today to experience spiritual and sensual release.