If your Knightsbridge hotel room walls could talk what would they say? If mine could talk they would have quite the tale to tell.

It has been a long time since I have spent a boring night in a hotel room. I try my best to make sure that the tales they tell are exciting to say the least.

They would tell you about all the fantastic evenings I have spent in the throes of passion and how sometimes the greatest intimacy looks more like a tantric massage than a one night stand.

I always book my tantric massages in Knightsbridge ahead of time so I can make sure that I will have a great time when I am there. They provide a sexy way to keep the night exciting but also your own little secret to tell. A tantric massage in Knightsbridge won’t just leave you feeling amazing but also with a sense of adventure that is hard to describe. A full body massage with an ending that is even more spectacular than you first imagined... It isn’t called a full body orgasm for nothing.

The walls will be the only ones privy to your undressing and your undoing at your masseuse’s hands. As you gasp for pleasure thanks to the movement of her body, to the touch of her gentle hands, you will be glad that you decided that tonight was the night when going out seemed trivial when compared to the joy of a tantric massage in Knightsbridge.

By the time you are finished you will simply melt into the covers feeling as though you have taken a long trip with stops everywhere on your body that you would feel pleasure. This is, after all, a full body massage in Knightsbridge. No part of you will be ignored and the parts of you that feel the most pleasure will be especially pampered and looked after.

So now when you come stay here, what will your walls whisper when thinking of you? Will you be just another boring Knightsbridge guest or will you indulge in the full sensual wonders which Knightsbridge has to offer? The choice is yours and I always choose the fun whispers to the boring ones.