Intense, Earth-shattering orgasms can be elusive. If you’re not in the mood, worried about other things or not properly stimulated, reaching a mind-blowing climax can seem impossible. If you can’t achieve highly pleasurable orgasms, your sex life can become dull and unfilling. The worst part? This can affect other aspects of your life, like your work and relationships.

Bad orgasms aren’t something to be taken lightly, which is why we’re on a mission to help people reclaim their sex lives and become more in tune with their bodies through tantric massage. Our tantricas love providing deeply sensual experiences, so can the art of tantra help you have more intense orgasms?

What Is An Orgasm?

Let’s start with the basics. Orgasms happen at the peak of sexual arousal. From a physiological standpoint, it’s when all the muscles that tighten during sex relax. From a psychological perspective, orgasms trigger the release of hormones in the brain, including dopamine and oxytocin. These pleasure-inducing neurochemicals give you that unmistakable euphoric feeling, but only the most intense orgasms produce significant amounts of these neurotransmitters.

It’s also the case that people don’t reach orgasm from penetrative sex alone; they need other forms of physical and mental stimulation to reach a climax. This is where tantric massage can provide the highly erotic environment you need to attain blissful, longer-lasting orgasms that will leave you totally satisfied.

How Do You Have an Intense Orgasm?

Everyone has certain things that turn them on. From kinky fetishes to simple yearnings for closeness and companionship, we’ve all got something that puts us in the mood. So how can you leverage these aspects to have an intense orgasm? 

Booking a tantric massage with a professional, highly skilled and unbelievably attractive masseuse can help you break free from mundane, everyday orgasms:

1. Manage Your Mindset

You could argue that the psychological component of having an intense orgasm is more important than the physical. If you don’t adopt a relaxed mindset before entering into intimacy, you’re ultimately less likely to reach orgasm or have a memorable experience. Foreplay is crucial, especially if you carry a lot of stress or find it hard to finish, but our gorgeous tantricas can help you unwind with their caring hands in no time at all.

2. Concentrate On Your Breathing

Breathwork is crucial in many forms of meditative and yogic practices, and it’s no different in tantric massage. Zeroing in on your breathing helps you relax, but it will also regulate your blood-oxygen levels and ensures that oxygenated blood reaches your most intimate parts. This will greatly benefit your chances of having an other-worldly orgasm.

3. Focus On the Physical

Once you’ve established a positive mindset and you’re paying enough attention to your breathing, it’s time to hone in on the physical sensations you experience during intimacy. While you’ll be mentally stimulated just by the sight of our gorgeous tantricas, you’ll need to reign your thoughts in slightly and focus on the physical sensations to achieve a blissful release again and again.

4. Treat Your Entire Body to Pleasure

Both men and women have several erogenous zones that can provide intense pleasure when met with an expert tantric touch. If you want to know how to have an intense orgasm, our tantricas will help you discover untapped areas of your body that can amplify your orgasms. You’ll be able to take this knowledge away with you and share it with future partners to keep on having intensely pleasurable orgasms outside of your tantric session.

5. Never Stop Exploring

The body is a wondrous thing, but your wants and needs tend to change over time. Something that used to be intensely pleasurable might not provide the intense relief it once did. This is why it’s important to switch things up to keep your sex life exciting. You’ll no doubt experience many delightful surprises when you commit to exploring your body and a tantric massage can help you on your orgasmic explorations. 

Using Tantric Massage to Have More Intense Orgasms

Whether you opt for a body-on-body massage that covers every inch of your body or a four hands massage that adds a new dimension to your sensual experience, we guarantee you’ll leave your tantric massage with a whole host of new ways to summon intense orgasms at will. Not only will you have an incredible experience that you’ll remember forever, but you’ll also have the knowledge instilled by our amazing tantricas.

Want to achieve more intense orgasms? Book a tantric massage in London today and indulge yourself in spell-binding pleasure with a beautiful and talented masseuse.