Meditation has had a revival in the last couple of years. More and more people are turning to this natural form of healing instead of leaning on pills and harmful chemicals for their slice of inner peace. Of course meditation has many other benefits than just touching base with yourself as has been proven time and time again by masters of the arts. However, meditation doesn’t have to be a lonely, quiet experience; in fact there are many kinds of meditation practices out there that are very surprising to some people. Anything from musical meditation to laughter mediation to taking a hike and truly paying attention to your body are all ways in which you can connect with your inner most self and find peace and enlightenment.

However there is one form of mediation that is truly one of the few that I have found helps you connect not only with the inner self but with someone else at the same time.  You’ll be surprised to know that tantric massages are actually a form of meditation, and yes, they’re a form of meditation that helps you connect to someone as you find your inner peace. The whole point of tantric massages is to achieve ecstasy through sensual stimulation and the state of ecstasy is actually one of deep and severe inner knowledge. However this knowledge can only be achieved through the correct use of our sensual chakras and it’s not simply a quick sexual experience. It’s actually not a sexual experience like you’re used to thinking of one. Sure, there is touching and both participants are nude but it’s more about learning how to feel with the entire body and then taking those feelings to the extreme depths of your mind. It’s an experience of all the senses combined and the end goal is like in any meditative state: inner peace and the knowledge that you’ve learned something about yourself.