Every tantric massage session is uniquely special

What do I mean by this? Well tantric massage is all about connection; connecting with our own energies, and with our massage partner’s energies. Therefore, it stands to reason that each session will feel different, even if you are revisiting a masseuse, because the energies I have today may be different tomorrow, and the same is true of you too.

A skilled tantrica will also be able to intuit your energy and therefore tailor the session to your own needs or desires in that moment. For example, perhaps you are tired, so she may choose massage techniques, aromas, and visualisations to rejuvenate you; or perhaps she senses that you are more burned out than mere tiredness, in which case she may choose not to fight that energy and to weave in gentle rocking movements, guided meditation and a slower sensual pace, to enable you to become more rooted in your body and to ease your exhausted mind. If you have a playful, curious energy, she may wish to try new techniques with you, new ways to tease you so as to make the most of your experimental mood


Tailoring The Massage To Your Desires 

Really the list of varied energy we may bring to a tantric massage session is endless, so how do we tantric masseuses discern what our clients will most enjoy? This part really is no magic: we simply ask you!

Every professional tantric massage booking should begin with an informal consultation where you’re asked what you’d like to experience, and your masseuse can then make recommendations to suit your preferences.

Don’t worry or feel put on the spot if you’re unsure what you will enjoy, it is our job to guide you. Simply one or two core aims will suffice if you’re reasonably new to tantric massage- perhaps you wish to relax more fully, or perhaps you are returning to work or attending a business dinner later so need to feel rejuvenated. Perhaps you wish to explore arousal levels, feel teased, or simply want a super sexy sensory experience! All of these answers, and far more besides, are valid responses, giving your masseuse a starting point for the erotic adventure she will guide you on. She may recommend and help you choose a scented oil which suits your desires (though unscented options should always be available if preferred), and will tailor the music, pace of the session, massage strokes and other techniques with your desires and personal preferences in mind.


Intuiting And Responding to Your Energy Levels 

Your tantric masseuse will then be able to bring her own expertise, passions and unique style to bear on the sensual massage you are both enjoying.

(Assessing whether a masseuse’s skills and tantric interests align well with your own may be a factor you wish to consider when choosing a tantric masseuse, and any reputable massage agency should be able to provide information about each masseuse’s unique therapeutic and tantric training, experience and interests, both in the information on the website and by elaborating on it in a phone or email enquiry.)

In being playful, intuitive and attuning to your responses and sexual energy, your masseuse will now guide you on a journey of erotic pleasure which may be unlike anything you’ve experienced before, because it arises as a result of your mingled sensual energies during this particular moment, and is therefore uniquely arousing, creating a therapeutic release of tension, fears, and pent up sexual energy.

Your tantrica will remain attentive to the way your arousal levels are building and the emotional release you may be feeling, so as to take the session at a safe pace for you, ensuring that you feel held and supported through what can be an emotional as well as a physical release.

For this reason, a tantric session should never abruptly end. Instead you should have time to indulge in the afterglow of this incredible sensual adventure together, perhaps reconnecting to the breath with some vipassana techniques, being held and caressed, or being soothed with some rooting hand caresses up your spine to the crown of your head to balance the chakras. Again these personal touches will be used intuitively by your masseuse to give you the perfect closing to a sensational massage.



If you have any queries about how our tantric massage London sessions can be tailored to your preferences, do feel free to call or email us for more information.