Summer is upon us and we’re braced for a heatwave here in London this week. As experienced masseuses we are used to our clients arriving for incalls at this time of year rather hot & bothered, but don’t worry as we will take very good care of you, allowing you time to freshen up and cool down, before we raise your temperature again in a more arousing way….

Reputable masseuses will always ensure their apartment is ventilated and cooled by fans or air conditioning in the height of summer, so that stepping in off the sweltering street will be a pleasurable experience, providing you with a refreshing oasis of calm away from the hot hustle & bustle outside.

You will of course be offered a cold drink as well as use of the bathroom, where you can freshen up under the shower with use of toiletries and clean towels.

It’s also worth considering choosing a massage therapy which enhances your ability to refresh yourself. One obvious choice would be an Aqua Massage, in which your masseuse will join you in the bath or shower to help rinse away the stresses of your day, beginning her teasing massage with you whilst lathering your body in luxury bathing products or oils. An exciting way to begin a tantric massage session, an aqua therapy can leave you feeling both refreshed and aroused, eager for the next stage of the massage experience, a body to body massage on the bed.

Nuru massage is also an erotic way to pamper and refresh your skin, the botanicals in the gel soothing and rejuvenating whilst also enhancing the arousing sensation of her naked body against yours. Do ask in advance if you wish your nuru gel to be slightly cooled prior to your arrival.

I rather like playing with temperature in my sessions to add to the excitement of building up arousal levels slowly and teasingly, if my client also wants to indulge in this kind of teasing play. Whilst in colder weather, this can involve the use of warm oil and the oil of massage candles dripped teasingly across the naked skin, in a hot London summer it is just as fun to use cool water or even ice to sooth onto pulse points or trace across your skin, helping to focus your attention on your body, its sensations and the pure physical bliss of tantric massage.

So don’t let the heat spoil your appetite for sensual fun, as you will find that a London tantric massage can be the perfect antidote to the sweltering city heat. 

Rose xxx