Making More Time For Sexual Pleasure 

In our busy and stressful modern society there seems to be a problem with the way we learn about sensuality, both in how we give it and how we allow ourselves to receive it. It often seems the primary objective is to rush to the end goal of orgasm rather than to enjoy the multitude of pleasurable sensations which connecting more deeply with our own body, and the body of our partner, can afford us. Whether this is because we are snatching time out of our busy schedules to have hurried sex with our partner after a long day at work; having a naughty encounter with a new acquaintance with whom perhaps we’re not yet comfortable enough with to engage with in a slower, more sensual way; or indeed snatching some quick alone time for some self pleasure; in all of these instances, we are rushing to get to the end result, a basic physical release.

Experience The Slow, Teasing Strokes Of A Body To Body Tantric Massage 

Of course there’s nothing wrong with a brief yet pleasurable orgasm, and yet how much more alluring and pleasurable is the slow, sensual raising of arousal levels which you can experience with a tantric massage. When being pampered by a true tantric masseuse, your whole body is caressed in order to heighten your sensual pleasures, and you are masterfully aided to hold your arousal for far longer due to her expert guidance and touch. Instead of rushing to a climax, you will spend far longer experiencing deeply arousing sensations as your masseuse uses her naked physique against yours to tease you still further, managing your excitement whilst connecting with you in a sensually fulfilling way. This is what makes tantric massages so pleasurable to many people- we may initially book one to experience a bit of sexy fun but what is revealed to us is far more spiritually and sexually rewarding. In sharing such an intensely pleasurable sensual experience with another person, a masseuse who is passionate about our erotic fulfillment, we transcend the quick fix mentality we have brought to most of our former sexual encounters, and connect more deeply with what we enjoy, what gives us sustained sexual pleasure, and this in turn reingnites our interest and confidence in delivering pleasure to the other.

Connecting In A More Meaningful Way For Heightened Arousal

Tantric massage is the art of sensuality, slow and measured, and based on the intertwining of physical and spiritual energies. This is where the desires of the body and the higher goals of our spiritual selves meet, rooting us to a sexual experience which is far more meaningful. As such, London tantric massages can be used as a tool to teach us about how to better explore sexual pleasure, but also about mindfulness techniques which can be used in other areas of our lives, and as a pathway into engaging with ourselves or our partners in a more meaningful way.

Whilst tantric massages aren’t a crash course in complete sexual fulfillment – in fact they can be a life long sensual journey if you are so inclined- the good news is that even a 1 hour stand alone tantric massage experience will be deeply pleasurable and may even result in a full body orgasm.  Though this comes with it’s own health warning of course- be aware, you are highly likely to want to come back again and again!

So embrace a slower pace and be rewarded by sustained arousal and greater sensual stamina, not to mention a tantalisingly erotic encounter with one (or several…) of London’s most beautiful masseuses.