This week our resident blogger Rose Colette Aston explores the behind the scenes magic which happens in order to ready the space for the perfect luxururious tantric massage incall session, plus also divulges some of her favourite methods for preparing body, mind and soul for sensual massage encounters.


True tantric masseuses put a lot of care and attention into every element of your experience. Which means that, for them, the session begins even before you arrive, with their preparations and rituals which set the stage on which your erotic adventure will unfold. Because we are dedicated to providing you with a luxurious, relaxing and pampering time, some things are an absolute must of course, including adding fresh bedding and fluffy towels in the newly cleaned bathroom, and dressing in something to tease and arouse you. And yet there are other rituals which many tantricas may use prior to your arrival, in order to prepare both the space for your arrival, and their body and mind for offering you an erotic encounter in which they are spiritually present and able to connect with you fully. Here are a few of my favourite rituals:


Bathing And Preparing the Body For Pleasure

I like to take a soak in the bath, adding a few drops of  one of my more rejuvenating oils in order to awaken my senses. I use only luke warm water for pre-session bathing, so as to not dull my senses by being hot which can make the body sleepy and the mind sluggish. The essential oils added to the water all serve to keep my skin moisturized and soft in preparation for body to body massage, and I rinse my skin under the shower just to fully cleanse myself and ensure my skin is more aware of sensation.


Creating the Perfect Tantric Massage Ambience 

Candles and music are of course a must, and I ensure there are also candles burning in the bathroom and the room in which I first greet my clients, in addition to the bedroom. This allows me to dim or turn off the electric lights throughout the apartment (which are simply too jarring for a sensual encounter) so that a relaxing ambience follows us around the space, wherever it is that we decide to begin our tantric encounter.


Clearing the Energy

It’s important to always ensure fresh air is able to circulate prior to a session (though of course to also maintain the temperature so the room does not become too cold to enjoy being naked in).  This is especially vital if your partner wants to incorporate breathing techniques into the session, so that you are both breathing clean air and not getting increasingly light headed and therefore also dulling your senses.

I also like to burn sage prior to a session, which is known for it’s antiseptic and energy cleansing properties. This technique is know as ‘smudging’ and ensures the air is clean and the space free from the energies of others. Your massage session should only be about you and your masseuse, with no lingering energy in the room from any previous visitors. Sage has an alluring scent which enhances relaxation, as well as not leaving any heavy, smoky odours in the air which may cling to you or your clothes afterwards.


Meditation For An Authentic Tantric Approach

I like to give myself additional time prior to a session to sit and breathe deeply, practicing my pranayama techniques and doing one of my preferred visualisation techniques, in order to focus my mind on the mutually pleasarable session which is to come. Whilst I vary the visualisation exercises, the aim is always to open my heart fully to receiving my guest, and awakening both my body and mind to connecting fully with this present moment and therefpre better able to intuit my new partner’s desires and needs. This meditation routine centres me in the here and now, and signals to me that a new sensual adventure is about to begin!


If you have any special requests regarding the space or preparations made for your tantric massage session, then feel free to ask our friendly receptionists at point of enquiry. And if you wish to browse our gallery in the meantime to read about each of our masseuses' individual talents, you can find a lot of personal information regarding our talented team here.